Building a Dirt Shack 

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I'm building my dirt shack base.
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Mar 27, 2021




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Sarah Tejeda
Sarah Tejeda Hour ago
Sarah Tejeda
Sarah Tejeda Hour ago
Sarah Tejeda
Sarah Tejeda Hour ago
Sarah Tejeda
Sarah Tejeda Hour ago
you wil1
Sarah Tejeda
Sarah Tejeda Hour ago
Sarah Tejeda
Sarah Tejeda Hour ago
you wil
Sarah Tejeda
Sarah Tejeda Hour ago
Ingrid Thompson
Ingrid Thompson 6 hours ago
who just wants to say karinas makeup is on flick
Its only a white baby bunny
What did karina do to her hair did she cut it?
Janna Florence
I’m scared to do anything in Minecraft so I can point I am so worth the fight then the dragon without iron armor
abig8930 abig8930
i think i am your biggest fan i allways ask my parents to be a youtuber please friend me
abig8930 abig8930
i also wanna play minecraft with you my minecraft user name is inspired by you my minecraft name is capital a bbie the rest is caps omg pls friend me
abig8930 abig8930
your the best karina me and my friend argue about whos better you or ronald then we came to a agreement that your the best youtuber ever i am 8 years old almost 9
Manny Nads
Manny Nads 2 days ago
Karina you didnt even See ur Hunger bar🤦
night mare
night mare 2 days ago
Hi karina its been so long sicne i wacht your video
Lahteesha Rafter
Lahteesha Rafter 4 days ago
At 8:55 there is lava
Bart Dart
Bart Dart 6 days ago
17:34 its 12
Alice Gunton
Alice Gunton 6 days ago
Its 12 karina 12
Naomi Loubser
Naomi Loubser 7 days ago
jo are so cool
Hanania Nia Gaming
Karina- Where's your real hair :c Your hair looks like a boy....=-=
RICKY BRYANT 7 days ago
Vi Vi
Vi Vi 8 days ago
Actually the last time you made tnt was when you had that house near the ocean and you wanted to clear some ground so you can make your house there
Shiv Gupta
Shiv Gupta 8 days ago
Hi I like your video and i see all channel freedy, sis vs bro, Karenina kurusa , Ronald Omg etc I love you so much
Steven Leszner & Tikka Smiley as Chapter 18
She should play Minecraft more
Steven Leszner & Tikka Smiley as Chapter 18
*often because It is really fun (no pressure girl) Sorry I accidentally pressed the post button instead of delete
Emilie Bantam
Emilie Bantam 10 days ago
Can you please do more adopt me videos
Madalin Crowe
Madalin Crowe 11 days ago
What do you mean
Madalin Crowe
Madalin Crowe 11 days ago
It's up there
Aadhideva Arun
Aadhideva Arun 11 days ago
arun k.sasi
arun k.sasi 11 days ago
renuka sewlal
renuka sewlal 12 days ago
i love karina and her brother
lwazi mabuza
lwazi mabuza 12 days ago
lwazi mabuza
lwazi mabuza 12 days ago
Sorry if I didn’t get your name right sorry about that
lwazi mabuza
lwazi mabuza 12 days ago
OMG Karena
simplyy_ jxlianna
simplyy_ jxlianna 12 days ago
epic mob fighting (aka karinaa)
Emma W
Emma W 13 days ago
BJ Kennedy
BJ Kennedy 13 days ago
Me playing Minecraft:I cant find iron ! Karina: I have so much iron! Me :(
Italy and friends
Italy and friends 14 days ago
It’s 12 not 11 14 or 8 lol
Sharfaz Ilmi
Sharfaz Ilmi 16 days ago
I am also surviving in minecraft hardcore but the game rule is mobs spawn false because I am so scared of mobs I cannot fight them
Homa Araste
Homa Araste 16 days ago
kainat. Arjude stakur
karina can u plz play bed wars with ronald
Stella Johnson
Stella Johnson 16 days ago
5:10 last year lol
Alani Joy Mitchell
Alani Joy Mitchell 16 days ago
did anyone notice that she said damn
Lacey Dalmau
Lacey Dalmau 16 days ago
aimiplays 17 days ago
Mining tips Diamond level is block 8 to block 3
Rihab Alam
Rihab Alam 17 days ago
do not be terified
Mala Kanhai
Mala Kanhai 17 days ago
Man up
Peyton Shields
Peyton Shields 17 days ago
XxCloudy DaysxX
XxCloudy DaysxX 17 days ago
Ok I used to watch her channel all the time BUT SINCE YOU BE SHAVING UR HEAD please explain to me
Kimberly White
Kimberly White 18 days ago
In the middle of the video I saw some redstone and she just didn't mine it so maybe she just didn't see it I saw four pieces but there may be more for diamonds
Angel Maldonado
Angel Maldonado 18 days ago
When did u cut your hair its just a question but u don't have to answer I understand
Nightcore518c 18 days ago
Wow your super good at minecraft ☺️😊😲😯
MELODY TAEFY 18 days ago
Btw it’s 12 not 14 not 11 and not 8 it’s 12
Kinanti Santosa
Kinanti Santosa 18 days ago
Ive not been watching you for 100 years :') (i feel like it has been agess)
MELODY TAEFY 18 days ago
Me: so scared I put it on peaceful XD then I find a cave and run forty miles :> karina: found a cave in hardcore! Lemme go in :> me: oh my she’s so brave 🥺
Crunch 1
Crunch 1 18 days ago
Its so sad that people grow ip i remmember larina as the loud girl i last watched her in 2017 when i was 9
Disney Frozen
Disney Frozen 19 days ago
Karina the whole time:AHUH🙂
Disney Frozen
Disney Frozen 19 days ago
Always Go Out Of The Group But Now You Come Back In With Y 11 Not 12😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣Lol Who Goes At 12?😂😂😂
Jeneice Abraham
Jeneice Abraham 19 days ago
Oh I have an idea mine red stone = diamonds God damn it nothing there
JNT KIDS 19 days ago
I like your videos plz comment my name
Gavin Healey
Gavin Healey 19 days ago
imagine waiking on dirt and not falling
Jeneice Abraham
Jeneice Abraham 19 days ago
Me go near cave. AHHHHHH I am gonna die. Oh zombie skeleton COOLGUY87 died to a skeleton Also not my real account so don hack me
Carrigan Childs
Carrigan Childs 19 days ago
Andre van Rheede
Andre van Rheede 20 days ago
karina can you make more sis vs bro pls because there,s not much but there is like nice one and rude one,s so pls
Alan Nguyen
Alan Nguyen 20 days ago
karina said its block 11 and she says good chance of being right but its block 12
vanshika unnoop
vanshika unnoop 20 days ago
U find diamonds At y13 Now I am watching the rest of the vid
Amairah Rizvi
Amairah Rizvi 20 days ago
The diamond level is 12
Emmanuel Lopez
Emmanuel Lopez 20 days ago
karina you look diffrent
Olivia Young
Olivia Young 20 days ago
She said dam
Mega Deluxe
Mega Deluxe 21 day ago
me when playing survival be like: NOPE NOT TODAY LOL XDDDDDDDDDD
Olamitesiwaju Olabiyisi
i am a pro at mine craft and i think you are two rephrase i know you are a pro
Judah 21 day ago
More like you shaped your dirt shack
Bright Scape Studios
So Kirina I want you friended on roblox and can you plz freind me back?
Stephanie Guzman
Stephanie Guzman 21 day ago
Karina have you ever went to the nether just asking?
Dvidgmertv83 21 day ago
You and Minecraft and roblox
Priyanka Agarwal I love all of your videos
You can go to creative you won't die if you have 24 gold and you use 5 then there still be 24 gold
Priyanka Agarwal I love all of your videos
I Love your videos
agnes egy
agnes egy 21 day ago
Yeah true
lps kittylover
lps kittylover 21 day ago
Hey gamer girl why is your hair like that
Judah 21 day ago
She shaved it because she was bored I think
JIYA MISHRA 21 day ago
Karina:so we will make stairs so we don't have to jump every time 2 min laters: so why was I here? Maybe a pick?
Anusa Srivastava 8th A
We wand 1 block Minecraft karina
zhenia maulida fitri
karina in the floor is a lava you can take a bucket and you faud a diomad in the floor lava
Dog Lover
Dog Lover 21 day ago
R I P Karina
Olivia Chen
Olivia Chen 21 day ago
Olivia Chen
Olivia Chen 21 day ago
Me playing Minecraft Hardcore: Beating the Ender dragon in Survival mode
Julia Ashraf
Julia Ashraf 21 day ago
Is no one gonna talk about how amazing her laugh is
Mikhail Richards
Mikhail Richards 21 day ago
17:33 that is diamond leval
Tokeeya Mackey
Tokeeya Mackey 22 days ago
Montana Duty
Montana Duty 22 days ago
It’s 12
Safia AMARI 22 days ago
your fab ,like your gaming is amazin love ALL your vids
Melissa May
Melissa May 22 days ago
Can I say how late I am I just watched the first one and while watching it Karina made a new vid
Arthur Gray
Arthur Gray 22 days ago
it was 12
jayyy ways
jayyy ways 22 days ago
i hi
Angelica Hautbergue
Karina: is it 14 8 or 11 Me: it’s 12
Samantha Vasquez
Samantha Vasquez 22 days ago
One day ago I was playing minecraft i was dead
Tasfiha Zarifa
Tasfiha Zarifa 22 days ago
I am early!!!!!!
Duru ve Eylül ün Dünyası
Not to be rude but you told us that you are going to post every saturday on Sis vs Bro but you are not posting????????? All of your followers are waiting.Maybe all of your subs???.
Hasnain Sistan
Hasnain Sistan 22 days ago
You and Ronald do have time for making videos for your gaming channel but not for making for your actual channel!!!!. This is unbelievable!!!
Karen And Rick Campbell
Its 12
Hasnain Sistan
Hasnain Sistan 22 days ago
Hey Karina do you know what you forgot? Well you promised is that every Saturday or i guess Sunday you will make videos on your Sis vs Bro and you didn't post anything. How mean. You promised but the person who breaks her or his promise is a liar!!!
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