Escaping The Purge Through The Sewers 

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The purge is after me and I need to run away and escape...
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Feb 5, 2021




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Comments 99   
kumar keshavamurthy
kumar keshavamurthy 10 hours ago
U should not have given up u had goten a med drink witch can heal u after u died u should not have given up
kaiyuan mo
kaiyuan mo 12 hours ago
why do you look like a boy ?
Glenn Thompson
Glenn Thompson 15 hours ago
Bekim Berisha
Bekim Berisha 17 hours ago
Larry nonono krina
Tanya Szabo
Tanya Szabo Day ago
I Love you
Roudha Faisal
Roudha Faisal 2 days ago
Were is her hire😢
XIAO LIANG 2 days ago
Karina did you cut your hair????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lito 2 days ago
You went back to lobby just before the end..
Needra Govia
Needra Govia 3 days ago
Mrs. Hepburn
Mrs. Hepburn 3 days ago
Astroman 3 days ago
GG then
Astroman 3 days ago
Hi do u know brown cheese?
Sabah Hamayun
Sabah Hamayun 4 days ago
Do the entire game
Hamster Cult
Hamster Cult 4 days ago
If you show your weapens will die and i died because no lisend to the tv
Johann Chan
Johann Chan 4 days ago
I love you karina and I want to meet you in the future with you and your family and friends and I am your fan πŸ’™πŸ’™
Lisset Fernandez
Lisset Fernandez 4 days ago
The pizza from the attic it's rotten
Faiza Murad
Faiza Murad 5 days ago
25:36 u clicked on respawn not LUCKY respawn bruh
Avoline Loudon
Avoline Loudon 6 days ago
She dose have nice hair!I like it
Jane Loong
Jane Loong 7 days ago
Yup I saw u play the other time and u said kid,kid!?
birdys gacha!
birdys gacha! 7 days ago
and she played this game before
birdys gacha!
birdys gacha! 7 days ago
can i just say that I love that new trim and her hair grew so faaaasssst!!!
Helaina Favel
Helaina Favel 8 days ago
Hi I have been subscribed to your channel since 2019 I hope I find you on roblox I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS
roblox fun roblox
Cruz 8 days ago
Why do you have to be so dumbKarina
Petya Seaman
Petya Seaman 9 days ago
You can board the toilet lol
francis Almazan
francis Almazan 9 days ago
hello karina will u pls pls acceept my request pls pretty pls
Sandra Herran
Sandra Herran 9 days ago
The ladder in break in story is in the basement if u see that lock
Benny Barcebal
Benny Barcebal 10 days ago
that game is cool yo
Ruby Salac
Ruby Salac 10 days ago
Um karina when you said lucky respwan it means you need to buy the othere one for nax energy or any thing lucky
Bridget Leyva
Bridget Leyva 11 days ago
You had this best PS I work as a scribe it’s showing up as a scribe to your US-first day is August 6 grade sis verses bro I like it I like a queen actually like you use the bus to talk with you you’re the most TickTock good to go so I like it
Lila Deguzman
Lila Deguzman 11 days ago
I love your videos bless you
Ellah Skye
Ellah Skye 12 days ago
Rena monster with a beard is called scary Larry
Sarah Martz
Sarah Martz 12 days ago
Scary Larry
Marianna Ramnarine
Marianna Ramnarine 13 days ago
Karina you should a got the medkit because it is will give you energy and it will heal you 😊😊
ALY& KARMA 13 days ago
Everyone left the game because they don't love Karina me either
ALY& KARMA 13 days ago
Karina is so noisey
Craig Orton
Craig Orton 14 days ago
I’ve played this game before
Benedicta Ileogben
Benedicta Ileogben 14 days ago
Why did u cut ur hair
Tammy Farrow
Tammy Farrow 14 days ago
Nice hair cut
Tammy Farrow
Tammy Farrow 14 days ago
I played this game because of you. Break in is a pretty cool game
Tammy Farrow
Tammy Farrow 14 days ago
Nice hair cut
Monster BoyBlox
Monster BoyBlox 14 days ago
Running is so useless because they are faster than you.
Monster BoyBlox
Monster BoyBlox 14 days ago
You should not move when you are drowning because someone may save you and you might drown again.
dipuo ursula koffman
Hi l Em uq
Rinz Almario
Rinz Almario 15 days ago
Hi karina i'm a fan of you can you please give me robux i don't have any robux at all just only 3,000 please
Rads G
Rads G 16 days ago
Did you know you can switch beds?
Cleopatra Georgiades
when did she get a hair cut?!?!??!
Lushanique wee tom
Lushanique wee tom 17 days ago
On top of the safe Cade kit it helps you heel yourself
Alex Thaxton
Alex Thaxton 17 days ago
Your her ong
DoddZ X
DoddZ X 17 days ago
Yajna Naidoo
Yajna Naidoo 18 days ago
Omg I am your biggest fan 😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝
Madhuri Saxena
Madhuri Saxena 18 days ago
Karina please tell if Chibi and George are back again! I miss them so much
litzullykth 18 days ago
what is wrong with your hairI am a big fan but I’m really worried about you
Maria. Garcia
Maria. Garcia 18 days ago
Can you show us your user and pfp
Heera Almehairi
Heera Almehairi 20 days ago
When she was on top of the house there was a pizza
RK Sithika
RK Sithika 20 days ago
Karina if you open the door to the pozza dude then you go to the kitchen then u see pizza get it then u got pizza
I Love this game
Kelly Smingler
Kelly Smingler 20 days ago
Carmen Zelaya
Carmen Zelaya 20 days ago
Carmen Zelaya
Carmen Zelaya 20 days ago
Pizza party tv πŸ•
Carmen Zelaya
Carmen Zelaya 20 days ago
You ar low helej
Rhianne jayne Esterado
Lol when i played that game i sleep next to the window and im all alone and i said AHHH HELP ME IM ALL ALONE
Balkrishna Bhogate
when u will play next time then buy superheal and cookies
Emily serrano
Emily serrano 21 day ago
What happened to your hair
pogi guapo
pogi guapo 21 day ago
You not get max energy is because you press rexpawn max is for the lucky respawn.......
Kirsten 22 days ago
What happened to your hair
Tasya Aa
Tasya Aa 23 days ago
Tasya Aa
Tasya Aa 23 days ago
Amber 23 days ago
Karina make it to the attic there’s pop up in attic by the table and there’s also pizza πŸ•
Amy Louise
Amy Louise 24 days ago
Your video's are Awesome!!!
Melissa Luong
Melissa Luong 24 days ago
Who eat cola
Gagandeep Maan
Gagandeep Maan 24 days ago
the ladder in the basement!
Shruti Shankar
Shruti Shankar 24 days ago
Next time when the pizza guy comes karina u should go up the ladder in the attic I don’t think pizza guy will get u
β€’LittleBear BSPβ€’
karina was supposed to click on lucky respawn to get max energy xDDDD
George Lopez
George Lopez 27 days ago
10:46 Adult = bat
Jenny Nooney
Jenny Nooney 27 days ago
I played that and we defeated the pizza guy. 😁
Chloe whitehead
Chloe whitehead 27 days ago
I have been watching your vids sence you started yt!!!!!! Ima huge fan
Cedar Graham
Cedar Graham 27 days ago
I got my haircut down to myShoulder and then I got my ears pierced is exciting day of my life and then there’s even more well there’s only one more thing but then I got my nails painted and just I love how short your hair is
SA Crafts and Games
u dont make friends in roblox pls make friends
Emma O riordan
Emma O riordan 28 days ago
RytgfgbfgujhgguiiujjhhoihiijjoiijjjkoknhgfkxgzidkxiiHow long woken with your new home and seen US-first I don’t care hello on my Lovelock off cheeky cute mean evil cat Noah
YoUr GiRl HANNA 28 days ago
But i still love her though
YoUr GiRl HANNA 28 days ago
I miss when karina have her energy every game video because she always laugh, she always smile and she always shout loud but now shes not even smiling or shouting or even laughing
Aria GuPta
Aria GuPta 26 days ago
Eliya Zebina Encomienda
Im so mad rn cus you cant finish the game but here ill give you tips incase you want to play it again lol get all the food cus every food will apprear on everyone's screen so yall have fodds each next is to buy the kit in the store abive the med kit its 70 bucks amd it heals youre self grab the apples in the basement, to unlock the basement quick is to need a computer that is booting up in the bedrooms then if you happen to find the safe go on the basement and the code is below the boxes and for the spinning pizza guy wait for hum to be dizzy and thats the same with scary
Magical World of BIANCA
Every time I play this, I try so hard but I never survive:(
JEMIMA AIDOO 28 days ago
JEMIMA AIDOO 28 days ago
Kamilla Molina
Kamilla Molina 28 days ago
They had to
Kamilla Molina
Kamilla Molina 28 days ago
Karina did someone even cover the toilet
Ashley Hyett
Ashley Hyett 28 days ago
But i whant to be friends please
Ashley Hyett
Ashley Hyett 28 days ago
What happened to your hair?
Macaela Oloughlin
Macaela Oloughlin 29 days ago
TriggeredDinosaur 29 days ago
Omg Hai I just wanted u to know that your the reason I started playing roblox and the first game(s) i played were natural disater and broken bones IV cause of U 😁
Life Hacks For You
30:06 Karina, if you look on the bottom right of your screen at 30:04, you will see you have attained the lifeguard badge.
FaZe please notice me
I don’t like her hair any more or her new US-first user name
LLM Vu Month ago
Why did ya cut ur hair? U look perfect in ur long one
Mystery GAMER
Mystery GAMER Month ago
What is your roblox name
Alyssa Gonzalez
Alyssa Gonzalez Month ago
I play this game!🀩
Alyssa Gonzalez
Alyssa Gonzalez Month ago
Na Lim
Na Lim Month ago
Do you cut your hair
Maritza Pizza
Maritza Pizza Month ago
I love how you just get everything in the drawers
jace siray
jace siray Month ago
why did you dont have hair
SARA Sorensen
SARA Sorensen Month ago
me to
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