Escaping The Purge Through The Sewers 

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The purge is after me and I need to run away and escape...
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Feb 5, 2021




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Comments 2 116   
Lian Tumbaga
Lian Tumbaga 4 hours ago
Karina:I though I was supposed to get max energy Me:Karina you pressed respawn instead of lucky respawn lol
pls like me if you think these advise are adviseful!
My advise is sleep in a room with more people pls , so its easy to fight.
use all the borads in one window then take another borad and patch other windows la !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
no, you eat the food then go to sleep when its time! save your energy when sleep time go to sleep then you have more energy!
Haliyah Fonner
Haliyah Fonner 6 hours ago
what is the code to roblox
Haliyah Fonner
Haliyah Fonner 6 hours ago
Bobcat Gaming
Bobcat Gaming 6 hours ago
I really like her videos and I play roblox roblox I won one time!
Brittany Hall
Brittany Hall 12 hours ago
you are the best
Mary ann Siazon
I like your royal high Karina can you play royal high pls
Janat Khan
Janat Khan Day ago
I used to Play this game
Amolak Sunnerd
The pizza in the attic is posined
Elsie-Leigh Mason
You should’ve got a mad kid Karina...
eduardo perez
eduardo perez
hi Karina and Ronald can you say my name its eduardo
Traudel Beckham
The wizard dude is scary Larry
Alexandra Amawan
Hi karina can you upload a video of sis vs bro😅plsssss🙃
Makayla Alleyne
do the door
Makayla Alleyne
I like this game
Therese Leiva
Baharul Haque
Baharul Haque 2 days ago
I love how she play
Rhys Hughes
Rhys Hughes 2 days ago
Why are you are girl
Rayven Kight
Rayven Kight 2 days ago
Arama Tonihi
Arama Tonihi 2 days ago
There is a ladder u just needa go down the basement to find it
Sreeraj K S
Sreeraj K S 2 days ago
you know how I play it I will be a kid and save my food
Brianna Carreno Navarro
can you make a vid in sis vs bro plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
Brianna Carreno Navarro
waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa why did you cut your hair i use to like your old hair
Tera Bisceglia
Tera Bisceglia 2 days ago
can I friend you Karinia in roblox please
Tera Bisceglia
Tera Bisceglia 2 days ago
the purdge has begun!!!
FloatingPaper 3 days ago
I'm sick and I was laughing so hardly when you didn't see the blue room
Riya 2 days ago
Get well soon✨
Fun Activities With Malak
Now kirena just respons andan fnisht the game 😫😫😫
Maria .Vallejos
Maria .Vallejos 3 days ago
count how many alright karina said hahahah
Mary ann Siazon
Mary ann Siazon 3 days ago
you know a secret ending in that game you get to smash scary Larry house
Mary ann Siazon
Mary ann Siazon 3 days ago
WOW Break In story its hard
army forever
army forever 3 days ago
Idk what happened to your hair!?
Sara Mayorga
Sara Mayorga 3 days ago
Sara Mayorga
Sara Mayorga 3 days ago
kristianna gille Barias
I keep dying i never end up in the end
Faseeha Lanferman
game name i still do not know this game can someone tell me the name of the game please
Meow Tiffany
Meow Tiffany 4 days ago
when she was choosing i was like get the med kit
Shelly Goodfellow
I'm such a big fan Karina unlove I u
Tala Show
Tala Show 4 days ago
Leizina Ogoy
Leizina Ogoy 4 days ago
I still remember the leader its scary larry.
Alisha 13k
Alisha 13k 4 days ago
I found this game from Karina and i got all the ending in a day i remmember when she got the her endings it was awsome...
Blue Bobagirl
Blue Bobagirl 4 days ago
Karina: maybe there is a ladder here Me: girl the ladder is in the basement
Navpreet Singh
Navpreet Singh 4 days ago
My user name is Ravnav0909
Navpreet Singh
Navpreet Singh 4 days ago
Hi Karina in roblox can you donate to me I’m like 50 or 100 Robyn because I never had any roux and I still don’t have any that’s why
Ragavi Gunaraj
Ragavi Gunaraj 4 days ago
Scarlett Ganesh
Scarlett Ganesh 4 days ago
I love your videos karina 😇💖
susana beduya
susana beduya 5 days ago
I love karina bc she cute and she my real yt ever bc I'm 5 years old I watch the videos and I'm 10 know bye karina
Hazim Medany
Hazim Medany 5 days ago
You look like a boy Loloohgfgdrgstyjfmntyrtaer lololo
Hazim Medany
Hazim Medany 5 days ago
Why did you cut your hair Karina
TAN TZE JIUN Moe 5 days ago
I feel like Karina has played this before
•TiredBunny• 5 days ago
Its "Scary" DAIRY. By the way, you can get energy by food right? You can make pie with that pie dish!
zoya mirza
zoya mirza 5 days ago
What game is this
Amber N Pascone
Amber N Pascone 5 days ago
OK please listen to me
Grzegorz M
Grzegorz M 6 days ago
If you wanted max energy then you have to click lucky respawn
Delores Oliver
Delores Oliver 6 days ago
Don't put so much pressure on yourself 😉😜😏😉😜😉😜 have a good day
Nasreen Chowdhury
Guys can I ask u something what’s all of ur favourite Roblox games
Nasreen Chowdhury
How come US-firstrs don’t answer ur friend requests
Fathima Zareen
Fathima Zareen 6 days ago
This is my favourite roblox game
Ginny Savage
Ginny Savage 6 days ago
It's night where I am is it morning for you Karina or night
Bloxer 6 days ago
Wait is that karina?
Bloxer 6 days ago
Hardjono Rustandi
There is a ladder in the basement
Dinky Pink
Dinky Pink 6 days ago
can i. play wth. you tomorrow
Jose Aguilar
Jose Aguilar 6 days ago
Your hair in real life it looks like you’re a boy
Nuhaa Amri
Nuhaa Amri 6 days ago
Me when Im bored and dont wanna play roblox:”I just watch Karina play them instead! :DD. She my fav youtuber!!”
Nwoye rita
Nwoye rita 6 days ago
Karina:oh the girl is drownig😐 Goes to save her🦸🏽‍♀️ Karina: all right Me:lol💎 Karina: I hope this girl has a weapon if not she's useless😑 Me: ....hahaha!😂 The and😎
Dinky Pink
Dinky Pink 6 days ago
Caidyn Tomlin
Caidyn Tomlin 6 days ago
Karina pls say u found your cats after u moved I miss u talking about them and playing with them with sis vrs bro:(
Mike Bailey
Mike Bailey 7 days ago
And I can never survive to the end of dat game! xD
Mike Bailey
Mike Bailey 7 days ago
Dose she not remember she has played it before?
Ranju Poudel
Ranju Poudel 7 days ago
alexis jukes
alexis jukes 7 days ago
Hi Karina I love your videos and you my favourite you tuber
Kali Cunningham
Kali Cunningham 7 days ago
omg hi
Iraima Reyes
Iraima Reyes 7 days ago
Clifton Chambers
Clifton Chambers 7 days ago
Cant wait for you to play with ronuld
Clifton Chambers
Clifton Chambers 7 days ago
I love your video's
Adrian Farray
Adrian Farray 7 days ago
karina "i'm gonna have max energy" you did not press max energy
Piper Marie
Piper Marie 7 days ago
Hi Karina I'm your biggest fan and what is the game called and can you make another vid with me in it plz
old man
old man 7 days ago
old man
old man 7 days ago
Me realizing she never mentions us, do shoutouts , say nice things to us , pay attention to us in games, thank us, accsept friend requests , and so much more: 😱and she was 1 of my fav youtuberz
Froggy doggy
Froggy doggy 7 days ago
Btw i thought you would pick pink
Froggy doggy
Froggy doggy 7 days ago
What is that called
Froggy doggy
Froggy doggy 4 days ago
Oh now i know
lisa Kammert
lisa Kammert 7 days ago
Your the best
lisa Kammert
lisa Kammert 7 days ago
I love whos your daddy i want you to play it
Pipi Wims
Pipi Wims 7 days ago
marina did u know you could of change beds
Sofia 8 days ago
I ever played this two times but I just got one ending since I always died the second time and I didn't have any robux
Maria Fe Acha
Maria Fe Acha 8 days ago
I love you Karina stay safe Your the best you make me happy when I'm sad Thank you for making me happy Karina :)
Ed Murphy
Ed Murphy 8 days ago
Don't touch my friends Hawa
Ed Murphy
Ed Murphy 8 days ago
Accept my friend request on roblox my name is Mel7765p search me on roblox
Ed Murphy
Ed Murphy 8 days ago
Hi Kiarana let's be friends
Andy Coles
Andy Coles 8 days ago
She said she had a diffrent account and I thort it was you she said she was you if it was you tell me
Andy Coles
Andy Coles 8 days ago
Hey Karina I think I sore you in brookhaven di you know that game because um I'm not sure if it's she was fake but she said she was and she said you were on a diffrent vidio
Viola Dase
Viola Dase 8 days ago
Your fans were talking to u and u didn't reply u are rude
Regina Robayo
Regina Robayo 8 days ago
Wait a minute is she wearing a wig!? O.o
Jazlyn Voyageur
Jazlyn Voyageur 8 days ago
I won already before
tarolliS 8 days ago
Karina can u do more storys
Uliana Wells
Uliana Wells 8 days ago
G G 8 days ago
WHOEVER IS WATCHING THIS VIDEO PLEASE Please please please please subs and like🥰
Hossam Khoga
Hossam Khoga 9 days ago
Why did you cut your hair