Escaping the Impossible Maze?? 

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I'm looking for the exit from the impossible maze...
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Feb 27, 2021




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Comments 100   
Naisha Patnaik
for the phone, she wasn't supposed to type 555-555-012 the number there actually said 555-555-0123
Naisha Patnaik
who else saw that
txunamy orties
If u wanna then my id is savanthagirl12345
txunamy orties
Can u give me rubox please please
Emma Juarez
Emma Juarez Day ago
Karina: oh no is this a maze Me: bruh she literally said the game called the maze 🤣
Michelle Gonzalez
Karina has nice eyes
Jennifer Heitzman
There was one more number that you didn’t type in on the phone there is 10 numbers in total (Pls like so Karina sees )
shauna denny
shauna denny 3 days ago
When the monster killed you I jumped
Michelle Vargas
Michelle Vargas 3 days ago
My bff got a BIG JUMPSCARE
Can you do a video of playing among us new map..Pleaseee ☺️
Gary Mankiewicz
Gary Mankiewicz 4 days ago
your chanle is the best
Isabella Castro
Isabella Castro 7 days ago
Me: trying to find my comment Me: WHERE IS MY COMMENT
Alaa Saddeek
Alaa Saddeek 8 days ago
the way i sae the crepy thing and i dont know why it looks likeva slendrr but a crepy. one
Craig Western
Craig Western 10 days ago
Use the rock to break the planks
brandy heath
brandy heath 11 days ago
karina ANSER THE CHAT IN roblox
Sawkat Hossain
Sawkat Hossain 12 days ago
When Karina says "where is the way out?" its like she is singing a song
Aadamers 123
Aadamers 123 13 days ago
Loved it Karina when u make sis Vs bro vids I'm se excited
Sarah Noderer
Sarah Noderer 13 days ago
My tip for playing this game is: if you see a red glow or hear something weird, RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!
richenella thijsen
richenella thijsen 15 days ago
Maricela Velasquez
Maricela Velasquez 16 days ago
Gurriel why do you have like a boy hair why did Ronald cut it
Maricela Velasquez
Maricela Velasquez 16 days ago
The Ronald cut your hair Karina Ronald did it did Ronald Maids you just cut your hair like a boy hair maybe that's why?
Sasha Barnett
Sasha Barnett 16 days ago
This is so scary
Iansarena Perkins
Iansarena Perkins 19 days ago
Olivia Groat
Olivia Groat 19 days ago
Who remembers Karina with.... LONG HAIR
wan airell
wan airell 20 days ago
the phone u were trying to call.. U FORGOT TO PUT THE 3 AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
Chandria Bailey Abrea
I played this game
Cassandre Larochelle
👻 oooooo
Cassandre Larochelle
Kevin Headla
Kevin Headla 24 days ago
Somehow I'm hearing piggy noises
CAITLIN ADAMS 24 days ago
I’m 10 and ummmm my b-day was 8 day before this vid
CAITLIN ADAMS 24 days ago
That shock was so funny
CAITLIN ADAMS 24 days ago
I do she was so cute
Brooke_ Soccer
Brooke_ Soccer 25 days ago
Please make more of these videos I love them
Àliè Gàmér
Àliè Gàmér 25 days ago
for u to know Karina the camera is for the ghost u know the white face his name is ojour and to know if ojours there u need to flash ur camera because its like when u flash ur camera first and didnt even saw ojour then ojour not there if u flash ur camera and saw ojour then run away from him so yea idk if the white face name i just saw a vid to know somethings about the maze and u can use rock to break the board
Fernando Ferreira
Fernando Ferreira 26 days ago
When I saw the mini monster I jumped even tho I knew it was there
Alisha Harper
Alisha Harper 28 days ago
u forgot the 3 on the phone thing
Anik Gado
Anik Gado Month ago
I laughed when she screamed😆
Clarissa Chew
Clarissa Chew Month ago
You can throw the rock I got play before
Fl_sun 07
Fl_sun 07 Month ago
I played this game before u actually dont need the axe to break the exit u can use the axe or the rock. So yea i just figured that out. Also its not really an exit.. you will see if ya play
Shrihantej Trikona
karin so scarey
Paul Petre
Paul Petre Month ago
Karina i think you can throw a stone at the exit you can open the door with a rock by throwing it or you can break the logs from the exit with the axe
this is absolutely scary omg. who agrees?
Joyce Smith
Joyce Smith Month ago
Me a iPhone pis?
Joyce Smith
Joyce Smith Month ago
Joyce Smith
Joyce Smith Month ago
Mr best is that you?
Joyce Smith
Joyce Smith Month ago
I'm a kid
Joyce Smith
Joyce Smith Month ago
Abbie Jessep
Abbie Jessep Month ago
Karina are you putting that, music on
Bujar Stefani
Bujar Stefani Month ago
Star bunny 305!
RainbowBunny UwU
I played that game but it doesnt let me pick the camera or flashlight
Sammy Polter
Sammy Polter Month ago
I just started the video and I played this game and found something if you didn’t find it then I won’t tell you just in case
the fact how the monster just jumped the whole group then after that sad music came on XD
KL - 04DK 841591 Nahani Way PS
Wait wait what- I think she said numbers in Chinese- Like-I’m Chinese- When she wanted to type in the number on the phone like the one with ‘555-555-“ something at the end she said ‘一 二’ which means ‘1 2’ Like.......WHAT-
Layla Month ago
It's funny when she gets scared lol.
- * OreoZareYummy * -
I play the maze and when i do i go brrrrrrrr
jane asher
jane asher Month ago
Liana Chandra
Liana Chandra Month ago
i like when karina say OMG
Scorpio kid
Scorpio kid Month ago
3:11 tho
Amor Tan2
Amor Tan2 Month ago
Karina use the rock and trow the exit
Ossama Kalik
Ossama Kalik Month ago
wowy live an like on her vid this oldome and cute and vary pratty and sweet and im shire that all of you are as well
dogcat rachel
dogcat rachel Month ago
I played this game for so long
dogcat rachel
dogcat rachel Month ago
1% knowing this game you have to take a picture of it when you see the monster
dogcat rachel
dogcat rachel Month ago
And go find a way out
Eren Yaeger
Eren Yaeger Month ago
I beat it 12 times and its soo easy but i cant see sometimes where they all at and thats how i die E
Eymard Heid Tolentino
Make more the maze vedeo please
cobra kai
cobra kai Month ago
꧁gaming with fox ROBLOX꧂
Is karina becoming lesbian?
꧁gaming with fox ROBLOX꧂
@L0wkey.Jackie oh okay, that's fine.
L0wkey.Jackie 21 day ago
@꧁gaming with fox ROBLOX꧂ oh its fine im just aking
꧁gaming with fox ROBLOX꧂
@L0wkey.Jackie IDK just because of her short hair and the way she dresses im so sorry if that's offensive plz forgive me-
L0wkey.Jackie Month ago
I dont know, By the way why do you ask?-
Manuel Leon
Manuel Leon Month ago
There are tow of them i now he hahahaha hehe
Manuel Leon
Manuel Leon Month ago
You need a camra to tak a foto of the monstr i now thise game i saw some on play the game
I luv Cake
I luv Cake Month ago
Is this like a story game? How do u even beat it lol
Klade Baby
Klade Baby Month ago
rexis agaton
rexis agaton Month ago
•Olivia• Month ago
Karina The dying queen
Hani Rodriguez
Hani Rodriguez Month ago
Swara Month ago
How is karina soooo braaave
Brianna pham
Brianna pham Month ago
Cattz Closet
Cattz Closet Month ago
And u can escape when u do all the stuff and u can escape
Cattz Closet
Cattz Closet Month ago
Find a little tunnel that u already go in to but u have to find a rock to but find the little tunnel but u have to find the little tunnel with the wood plank
Cattz Closet
Cattz Closet Month ago
And u have to find a phone and a hammer I think
Cattz Closet
Cattz Closet Month ago
But the camera is u have to take a picture to the monster and they will run away
Cattz Closet
Cattz Closet Month ago
U have to find a tunnel right but u have to go right but don’t go to the other
Cattz Closet
Cattz Closet Month ago
Karina actually can u do it in a other video pls I will teach u
E Guzman
E Guzman Month ago
Joyce Santos
Joyce Santos Month ago
Im going to be jest like like youu
Elana Hull
Elana Hull Month ago
This isn't a horror game if my mom let's me play 🤣🤣😚🤣🤣😚
Brittany Oakes
Brittany Oakes Month ago
Lulu Month ago
abc Month ago
That was so funny
abc Month ago
abc Month ago
I think if you go the opposite of the monster
Brennan Funni
Brennan Funni Month ago
Well I think so
abc Month ago
That is scaring me
abc Month ago
I saw the monster
Matea Tadijanović
i do Ixvender
Aisha Aleshya
Aisha Aleshya Month ago
shadøw# L
shadøw# L Month ago
O,g did u use my idea!?
sugus sugus
sugus sugus Month ago
OMG that thing frickme out!!!😱😱😱
Veronica Watt
Veronica Watt Month ago
clam ur before 1 mil views
angel t
angel t Month ago
When you heard Karina cuss for the first time *claps and is proud*
Paint Store Anjo Paints Miami
karina:unamused by getting killed 4:03 me:AHHHHFWHGFUGWYUGDUQGYODWUGFDYUW 😭MOMMYYYRRRT
Caroline Albritton
oh so youre swearing now karina hm
Ashley and Foxy and Lexi
2:04 Karina’s face lol
Ashley and Foxy and Lexi
Or you can go little bit early like 2:02
Kristin H.
Kristin H. Month ago
Cheers to Sofiaawesome!
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