Finding The Secret Underwater Treasure 

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I found a secret treasure in the shark-infested waters.
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Apr 27, 2021




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Comments 100   
Niekol Bernante
Niekol Bernante 3 hours ago
I think you lied and your brother you promised us to post some videos in sis vs bro.
Lakshmi Kolaprath
Lakshmi Kolaprath 9 hours ago
Around 29:15 it is so funny😁🀣
Dakota Kirkham
Dakota Kirkham 21 hour ago
I followed you on roblox
Chloe Joynes
Chloe Joynes Day ago
cool videos
Auguste Valentinaviciute
Btw, the hovercraft is one of the best boats
POV : you don,t reveal your gender...:(
β€’Angelicqqqs β€’
Finally queen posted roblox content πŸ˜‚β€οΈβœ¨
Kerri M.
Kerri M. 2 days ago
Your hair is beautiful 😩
Courtney Morrill
Courtney Morrill 2 days ago
Why u look like a boy πŸ‘¦
Dario Bravo
Dario Bravo 3 days ago
Cleary building Flex me tomorrow
dee97908 3 days ago
go in the sumurine when under water plz :)
American Pony
American Pony 4 days ago
"He's surviving, but not vibing" -KarinaOMG, April 27th, 2021
Positive Popcorn
Positive Popcorn 4 days ago
Yikes 😱
Happyd7689 Fat my face
its shark BITE not BATE
Suriya Suriya
Suriya Suriya 4 days ago
Sis came u make me friend in roblox
TheYohji02 4 days ago
I never watch you vids anymore cause i have a lot vids to watch also can you give me 90M robuxs its my dream
harminder schoenberg
Hey I’m so exited I love your channel I subbed and hit those notifications😌
Leslianne Christian
Yeah got wait what are you talking about they Always post videos
Aminah and Aisha Ahmed
Who else wants her to play more games that she did in the past
samuel stalkowski
the metaverse update is a event on roblox
cailtin voelkl
cailtin voelkl 5 days ago
he eta the bottle of your boat
Ya.girl_Ellie 5 days ago
Karina are you lesbain πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆπŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ
no no no no!!!
CloudMist_ Nikki
CloudMist_ Nikki 5 days ago
When I heard her say "bubbles!" I got scared for a second cuz My plush Is called bubbles and he is one of my favourites
Elle’s Vlogs
if u get the chest u get somthing for your avatar
miss catt
miss catt 5 days ago
why did u shave ur hair
Anushka BK
Anushka BK 5 days ago
There is a cool game called Brookhaven rp try that Karina it's rated 90 percent
FamilyFunGaming 5 days ago
giveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee me bobux
Oy Jones
Oy Jones 5 days ago
What is your favorite color
Rashmi Bisalahalli Rashu
Please try playing play together
Bharathi Inbaraj
Bharathi Inbaraj 6 days ago
Ze boat: AHHHH ITZ RAININ TACOS HOOMANSS Karina: Talks about ze mechanics, *sees boat flipping* Her face- V*FUVFVYTTYVGBHBUFCESR^Β£@^&IB Meh: *sees karina's face* Oh dear- XD
Abby Reeve
Abby Reeve 6 days ago
do you have a x box bacuse if you do its cnectid !!!!!!
miss catt
miss catt 6 days ago
plssss use a different boat
lisa bellette
lisa bellette 6 days ago
She need 9585 more teeth at the beginning when she started
Nadia Anaya
Nadia Anaya 6 days ago
Karina first of all there is lobby showing at the bottom and there was five but now there’s four he’s not as good at the game
Hafid Khallout
Hafid Khallout 6 days ago
wow finaly you found the theet
Mosa 6 days ago
XxsyahiraxX plays
Karina you don't have to get the treasure in everyround you only need to get the treasure in one round
Tosa Mcdaniel
Tosa Mcdaniel 7 days ago
Kristine Mei Co
Kristine Mei Co 7 days ago
Daniella Garcia
Daniella Garcia 7 days ago
You say everything is upsetting
Shark left the game! lol
Gina 7 days ago
When the boat flew over you I was so scared πŸ˜…
Jonathan Gilbert
Jonathan Gilbert 7 days ago
Jovana ASMR crystal
OMG KARINA IS LITERLLY MY IDOL for gaming love you KarinaπŸ₯°πŸ˜Šβ™₯οΈπŸ’πŸ’‹βš˜πŸŒΌ
Jessica Dack
Jessica Dack 8 days ago
Have you cut your hair? because its really cool
Myvan Huynh
Myvan Huynh 8 days ago
karina you said M-E-K-O it is M-A-K-O sorry for correting you ps I love your video
Ruuhan 007
Ruuhan 007 8 days ago
Do not talk about that are family had covid
Sis versus bro I like you
Kunchakuri Jyothi
Amazing game πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Jameson Stewart
Jameson Stewart 8 days ago
In roblox I saw a faker of u
PinkyPink Plays1234
I like ur hair cut :p
ツ 8 days ago
fun fact: you had 10415 shark teeth at 4:06
Sanny Go
Sanny Go 8 days ago
Sanny Go
Sanny Go 8 days ago
Mamoun Jaber
Mamoun Jaber 8 days ago
Mamoun Jaber
Mamoun Jaber 8 days ago
Y are you not doing videos ene more
Makayla's life
Makayla's life 8 days ago
Hi pls try the submarine again it might work now bc it has been a while and when are u going to post on sus vs bro bc u said every Saturday and that did not happen
Sunshine Butterfly
.. you isnt u
kairi poi
kairi poi 8 days ago
Hi πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ˜ŒπŸ˜ŒπŸ˜ŒπŸ‘‹ Karina. I'm your biggest fan 🐱🐱🐱
_Legandary anmie_
Gosh i have not watch you in years your oc looks pretty
Kate Murray
Kate Murray 8 days ago
Karina that was the old spot u need to wait till it moves
Husn Saleh
Husn Saleh 8 days ago
Me: Karina you look like a BOY
Asmaa Ali
Asmaa Ali 8 days ago
Hi I’m Blue -.-&.&
Asmaa Ali
Asmaa Ali 8 days ago
Ya -.-
Asmaa Ali
Asmaa Ali 8 days ago
The update is the maker Roblox every game did and you’re okay you can adopt me the new updateπŸ’™
Gwen Cooper
Gwen Cooper 8 days ago
Karina I forgot you play Minecraft
Ameena Baker
Ameena Baker 8 days ago
Nandini Balram
Nandini Balram 8 days ago
TITANIC GOAL- 2017-2021 we are here for u luv u
Nandini Balram
Nandini Balram 8 days ago
girl the flying dutchman and stealth are old KARINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE WATCH BACK UR OLD VIDEOS, THE THIGN U SAID WERE NEW BUT THEY ARE OLD!!!!!!!!
SHIRLEY ZHANG 8 days ago
7:02 AHHH
Lindsay Neptune
Lindsay Neptune 8 days ago
I love ur vids
Seif Said
Seif Said 8 days ago
Karina why don’t you make videos on sis verses bro it’s been over a month now and you still haven’t done any videos
victoria mota
victoria mota 8 days ago
I Karina sorry to bother the moment but iv Been your fan sence 2015 is when my brother was born i love your vidas so much
Mona Serrano
Mona Serrano 8 days ago
When are you going to do a vid on sis vs bro???
Joanne Smith
Joanne Smith 8 days ago
btw karina the treasure is avatar thing lol :)
Danielle Monroe
Danielle Monroe 8 days ago
Maybe the shark saw where you want to dive in so he's blocking it
The shark was dancing πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
Phumeza Ndiweni
Phumeza Ndiweni 8 days ago
Karina a like your videos please friend me on roblox I watched all of the roblox,minecraft, fall guys,among us,Sis vs bro my username is OjuniorOMG
PAR YEAH 8 days ago
U tried the submarine before and it worked
Azura Wideman
Azura Wideman 8 days ago
I looked back at these new vidoes and i noticed that she changed her avatar ;-;
Diego Galvan
Diego Galvan 9 days ago
jasmine worsop
jasmine worsop 9 days ago
Oh ye u can do this yeyeyeye
Liv Watkins
Liv Watkins 9 days ago
I would like a live roblox vid.
Liv Watkins
Liv Watkins 9 days ago
US-first is my covid life.
Jake Espinal
Jake Espinal 9 days ago
Spend robuxs
Azman Abu Bakar
Azman Abu Bakar 9 days ago
Oh is shark bite
V D 9 days ago
Who knows Phoeberry And watches sis vs bro
Kamar Akkad
Kamar Akkad 9 days ago
Navya Hegde
Navya Hegde 9 days ago
Hi!, I know some people have been asking this rather rudely, (no offence) so I sincerely request you to please post on sis Vs bro when you're free. If you guys are busy then no problem. It's just that we love Ur video contents so much. ThanksπŸ˜€πŸ˜€
Baby Wolf
Baby Wolf 9 days ago
When are you gonna post on sis vs bro
RAKESH P 9 days ago
Hi karana
Adeela Altaf
Adeela Altaf 9 days ago
I have two nice games for u one pk xd second play together
Vanessa Perry
Vanessa Perry 9 days ago
Can you plz do more COOL videos like the old ones I LOVED them
Aleces Din Baltazar
the box was for ue avater
Aleces Din Baltazar
the box was for ue avater
Gabriel Gutierrez
( last comment,I hope) can we all respect that karina didn’t see that it didn’t show the shark and that the screen said the Shark was killed and she was literally looking at the screen ( me thinking in my head β€œ whaaaa hahah”)
Gabriel Gutierrez
Look for the bubbles when your finding the treasure
Gabriel Gutierrez
The spectre is the best boat its the 2 fastest boat then the golden boat
Hazel Anne
Hazel Anne 9 days ago
Karina pls play murder party
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