Getting a Gold Arcade Machine 

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I bought the gold arcade machine for my room.
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Jan 30, 2021




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Comments 100   
Dicky Ferdinand
Dicky Ferdinand 4 days ago
Can you live play Minecraft pls
Brianna Walsh
Brianna Walsh 4 days ago
I have 23 million
Farah on roblox
Farah on roblox 5 days ago
Karina never reads her comments
violt team
violt team 5 days ago
Elena playz
Elena playz 8 days ago
Ok everyone if u find karina in a game don't disturb the video
Moaaz Waleed
Moaaz Waleed 8 days ago
karina play with ronald arcade empire
Savannah Reynolds
No she Doesn’t
J Lee
J Lee 11 days ago
Please do a other arcade vid
Saichi Kakulitan Videos
Get Rainbow or Diamond games pls
eman qadeer
eman qadeer 12 days ago
Karina please play supermarket simulator
eman qadeer
eman qadeer 12 days ago
I meant my supermarket that I saed that by mistake
Mayra Munoz
Mayra Munoz 12 days ago
A pig
Mayra Munoz
Mayra Munoz 12 days ago
Karina looks like an the
shwetha sanvi
shwetha sanvi 13 days ago
Can u pls make part 3?!!
shwetha sanvi
shwetha sanvi 13 days ago
Omg karina it is my first time talking to u I am a big FAN...my question is why don’t u use the chat in roblox
Stephanie Hagee
Stephanie Hagee 13 days ago
I love all your videos keep doing it 😀😀😀😀
Faith Berg
Faith Berg 13 days ago
My name is lillian
Faith Berg
Faith Berg 13 days ago
Make sure you have a good day at your house😻.by the way I am a kid 👩‍🎓
Faith Berg
Faith Berg 13 days ago
Have a great day with your family.😝😛😜
Hosne Jahan Ruma
Hosne Jahan Ruma 14 days ago
you said you'll get another floor next time you play this game in the previous video but you didn’t ☹️
Cindy Kimball
Cindy Kimball 14 days ago
Cool Game
Helmi M
Helmi M 14 days ago
I love this game karina please play this more
Leah McGlothin
Leah McGlothin 14 days ago
I Love you
Alain Boucicaut
Alain Boucicaut 14 days ago
Wait you cut your hair?
Heng Vlog
Heng Vlog 15 days ago
Nicole Games
Nicole Games 15 days ago
Can you play adop me plss
rhian 16 days ago
Can someone tell me what that game is called?
nahema Ahmed
nahema Ahmed 17 days ago
What is name this game, I won't play this game
Candy cloud
Candy cloud 17 days ago
Zainab H
Zainab H 17 days ago
Hi KarinaHi how Roblox and I really love the game that you showed me and I played it like for two days straight and now I’m already level 12
Skylar Allan
Skylar Allan 17 days ago
you cod your r catd a caf a
Aime Muharbu
Aime Muharbu 17 days ago
Omg I liked This video ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💪❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ thak YOU gamer girl
RA - 03MS 860641 Vista Heights PS
hi karina i am a big fan can talk to your fans in roblox a girl was happy but u didnt talk back and make more vids on sis vs bro bye :)
Maya M
Maya M 18 days ago
Hi karina
Jocelyn Sison
Jocelyn Sison 18 days ago
Theres 2 new games 1 is a gramar story and 1 is a slumvder parpy story now please make a vibeo now please please 🐻
Rayna Stout
Rayna Stout 18 days ago
Purina what happened to your hair
Jared Jagush
Jared Jagush 18 days ago
Ava C
Ava C 18 days ago
Get rid of my you tube video and your brother
e g
e g 19 days ago
hi karina play piggy its just like banna eats
Anila Lekdushi
Anila Lekdushi 19 days ago
pls do a part 3
Ashlyn Mabry
Ashlyn Mabry 19 days ago
Bruh why would you cut your hair you baldi
Grace Olden
Grace Olden 19 days ago
Karina can you play adopt me its really fun
Robert Duma
Robert Duma 19 days ago
I am a huge fan of Karina omg I watch all your channels (sis Vs bro. Karina kuzura .gamer girl.)
Evie Paterson
Evie Paterson 20 days ago
Karina play some adopt me you’ve mist a bunch of updates
Gaming cousins
Gaming cousins 20 days ago
karina can you plsss tell me what recorder you use pls :(
Sophia Smith
Sophia Smith 20 days ago
Karina can you please play Highrise? It’s such a cool game and i think you will like it ☺️
Amayax 20 days ago
emaan butt
emaan butt 20 days ago
Or i will unsub and not like
emaan butt
emaan butt 20 days ago
Karina i just want a simple mincraft just do it please
omg lol girl lol surprise
karina is like a boy
omg lol girl lol surprise
she dosen have hair
Elaborate Zuhairi
So Peppa Pig house you just write it in the Google so you can see a picture next to the house mummy pig daddy pig pig pepper and George do you know I called her fake pepper because he’s not real if you seen the window because there is Peppa Pig do you know why because her teeth when she has a new child so she locked her in the bedroom if you say that just isn’t tick-tock because I saw it if you don’t believe me you can go there and see your own way I’m telling the truth and I like your game if you know how
Mishijos video Videos
Hiiii can I get a shoutout plz?🥺🥺🥺
Puneet Anand
Puneet Anand 22 days ago
Karina I love when u play this game pls play this game often
Elena Carriedo
Elena Carriedo 22 days ago
Karina what the title of your game you played
ela sejdiu
ela sejdiu 22 days ago
Wow your golden games are so coool
Ty-Teyana Parker
Ty-Teyana Parker 22 days ago
Karina why was your Noring that girl that’s so rude
Luz Zendejas
Luz Zendejas 22 days ago
I was mostly distracted in the first episode of arcade empire because someone kept on trying to get Karina's attention lol 🤣
Tishia Felix
Tishia Felix 22 days ago
Karina can you play Brookhaven please seeds❤
Marlene Rojo
Marlene Rojo 22 days ago
Please can you get floor two
Jalynn Clark
Jalynn Clark 22 days ago
Why did u cut your hair u not pretty no more??😔😔
Stacy Li
Stacy Li 22 days ago
Sunghoonie 23 days ago
what is this game called???
sordyboo 23 days ago
God bless and have an amazing day whoever is reading this🤗🤗❤️❤️
Rémi Leport
Rémi Leport 23 days ago
Karina did you know that when you thought that the shirt wrote " thank you for you're account?" Well it actually said " Make a free account to change how you look."
Little Tobey
Little Tobey 23 days ago
good job i like it good Karina
Bayley Sarten
Bayley Sarten 23 days ago
Among us is making new map soon
Vijay Anand Gunni Yoganandam
karina:another one
Jaxon Presley
Jaxon Presley 23 days ago
What happened to karina
Katie O'Rourke
Katie O'Rourke 23 days ago
Katie O'Rourke
Katie O'Rourke 23 days ago
Katie O'Rourke
Katie O'Rourke 23 days ago
Katie O'Rourke
Katie O'Rourke 23 days ago
Katie O'Rourke
Katie O'Rourke 23 days ago
Katie O'Rourke
Katie O'Rourke 23 days ago
Anna Las
Anna Las 23 days ago
What game is it I wanna play it
Shira Alexander
Shira Alexander 23 days ago
Can you do a part 3 of this video
lyra moore
lyra moore 24 days ago
Good day
Alwande Mkhasibe
Alwande Mkhasibe 24 days ago
Karina were did you get the golden machine please tell me 😭
Nisha V
Nisha V 24 days ago
Breannah Brassington
What is your name on roblox
Art with Thanvi
Art with Thanvi 24 days ago
Actually adding 10 maze things makes a rainbow then 10 rainbow makes 1 diamond
Readyzplayz 24 days ago
Varsha Sonekar
Varsha Sonekar 24 days ago
Make so much video of this Who else want like it
Rolend Lopez
Rolend Lopez 24 days ago
Play brooke plz its fun
Kookie AVEVA
Kookie AVEVA 24 days ago
I played and now i got more money than she usually gets.
TO - 03KK 863643 Silverthorn PS
i still love your vids
TO - 03KK 863643 Silverthorn PS
i never see you with almost all your hair cut off but its good that is growing
Linda Sampson
Linda Sampson 24 days ago
anyone else who cringed when karina went in the rich guys top floor full of diamond games and called them all golden.
Sara Leblanc
Sara Leblanc 24 days ago
Korea why is your hair shorter
Linda Sampson
Linda Sampson 24 days ago
pls make more rl craft videos
Shaheed Jennings
Shaheed Jennings 24 days ago
Is it just me or is her hair shaved off looks a little better than it was before her hair looks good now well it was always good but I like it
Averie Donaldson
Averie Donaldson 24 days ago
Darcey Green
Darcey Green 24 days ago
What happened to her hair not to b meen
Averie Donaldson
Averie Donaldson 24 days ago
your arcade is sooooo cool
Isabella Polanco
Isabella Polanco 24 days ago
I don't like your hair BTW
Madhukar Pallanti
Madhukar Pallanti 24 days ago
I love your channel more than any channel
Madhukar Pallanti
Madhukar Pallanti 24 days ago
Alen Kekic
Alen Kekic 24 days ago
you should finally get a second floor
Sara Miloševic
Sara Miloševic 24 days ago
Have you ever played Adopt me? I dont know if you like that game but I remember when you and Ronald played it, it was really long time ago 😂❤️👍
Hannah Collins
Hannah Collins 24 days ago
I love this vid pls make more of this game videos
Mario Sanchez
Mario Sanchez 24 days ago
Wy is your hair like a boy
The Amigops are over.