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Dec 29, 2020




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John Harvey
John Harvey 4 days ago
King of the Ennis could don't like but the truth I love you I love watching your villainy will not bow like you no answer your France and like the rajawat friends of the honour and
Steve Page
Steve Page 9 days ago
Ur fans are talking to you
ViktorijA Huncek
ViktorijA Huncek 10 days ago
Karina I'm your biggest fan
d edwards
d edwards 13 days ago
me: why no walls?!?!?!?!
T&E Tilius & me
T&E Tilius & me 19 days ago
Title: CANT MAKE MONEY!? Thumbnail: MAKING MONEY! Me: so.....wut? (Oh im sry i just saw that another person wrote the same thing ive wrote... sry)
be like a angel
be like a angel 20 days ago
I can't believe she didn't notice one of her fans in the she was walking after her I watched the whole video and poor lil girl was begging Karina to talk to her
summer bra
summer bra 21 day ago
Please Play This Game With Ronald plsssssss
nadia zameni
nadia zameni 23 days ago
i love your hair
nadia zameni
nadia zameni 23 days ago
i am a big fan and i want to as famous as u.
Mary Mora
Mary Mora 23 days ago
Karina is sooo mean that girl was trying to talk to her and Karina is ignoring her!
Baby Wolf
Baby Wolf 24 days ago
You r spending money on the game and you need to buy the game
luis gonzalez
luis gonzalez 26 days ago
Why you never answer people?
jae yom
jae yom 27 days ago
Thank you so much thank you thank you so much ☺️ for the information.
jae yom
jae yom 27 days ago
Thank goodness I am happy your mom is doing ok 👌 thank you for all that information and ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
jae yom
jae yom 27 days ago
Thank you so much for your information and your information thank me so very happy 😊 thank you for all that information ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💕
jae yom
jae yom 27 days ago
I will be in the morning for 🍟 and I can go to the store and pick up some food 🥘 and bye 😽🌈💕
shiela chu
shiela chu 29 days ago
shiela chu
shiela chu 29 days ago
shiela chu
shiela chu 29 days ago
LJ Gamers
LJ Gamers 29 days ago
Why do you have short hair
Fidelmar Ibarra
Fidelmar Ibarra 29 days ago
what is the game called
Grace Whyte
Grace Whyte 29 days ago
kim zalta
kim zalta 29 days ago
karinaOMG Roblox you karinaOMG
Eden Vibber
Eden Vibber Month ago
Karina play more sins
Cazhemeal my years old 7
Did you not see peoples? Do it those people are players and you're fun
Asawin Pholmoon
Asawin Pholmoon Month ago
Parisa Amini
Parisa Amini Month ago
Karina can you play this game again?
Lora Malaeka
Lora Malaeka Month ago
I’m not your best fan anymore I’m sorry
Roblox Forever
Roblox Forever Month ago
I live you vids I sub to me even tho I have no channel yet but I will get it soon
Roblox Girls
Roblox Girls Month ago
What game in roblox
Ahjai Play’s
Ahjai Play’s Month ago
Karina why do you not have walls for thr rest of the store all I see is 2
Dyan_ Miniman04
Dyan_ Miniman04 Month ago
The workers have blue circle around them and she doesn't know 🤣🤣
Leah Among us
Leah Among us Month ago
what game is that?
Christian Reyes
Christian Reyes Month ago
What is this game called
Samuel Nguyen
Samuel Nguyen Month ago
karina you better et more stockers and clearers
Mason Breashears
bruh I’m just looking at everyone’s chats 🥰🤚🏻
Genesis Rijo
Genesis Rijo Month ago
kimber kirk
kimber kirk Month ago
What is this game called
McWonderBurger Month ago
Title: I CANT MAKE MONEY?! Thumbnail: Making Money
•MilkČoffee Ğacha•
I remeber when you first played this
Lora Malaeka
Lora Malaeka Month ago
Karina can I please be your friend please I’m your best biggest fan please pretty please please Karina
Jenni Keating
Jenni Keating Month ago
Tarini Menon
Tarini Menon Month ago
As much as I think that Karina is awesome and amazing she does have to start paying more attention to her fans I get that she is trying to focus on a video but still she should start doing that more. but I love you Karina anyways!
Chlo Tastic
Chlo Tastic Month ago
Can you do part 3
Aditi Puthran
Aditi Puthran Month ago
How to install the game in moble
Jay James
Jay James Month ago
What’s the games name called lol
Sean Huggett
Sean Huggett Month ago
William Mueller
William Mueller Month ago
Whatever has a green circle is a worker
Raine Coloma
Raine Coloma Month ago
Hi karina i was wondering if you could play adoptme
Brycen G
Brycen G Month ago
Krina you are so pretty and beautiful I just wanted to say this because you are beautiful awesome and kind please have a good day every day! (Sorry if I spelt ur name wrong)
Leila Coro
Leila Coro Month ago
It is so funny that it say i cant make money but on the video it say i am making money
Zoe Johnson
Zoe Johnson Month ago
[]•Efelyn Editz•[]
Wait where your hair go karina?? I just dont watch sis vs bro for 2 years ;-;
Bradley Eggertsen
she doesn't look the same with short hair but it is fine she can do what she wants. im a big big huge fan i wish i could see her in roblox bloxburg and the other games i really like her voice tone it is so cute i wish i could see her house with her in it she is so pretty
Elizabeth Sanchez
I like how Karina ignores her fans 😂
Adelynn Barrett
Adelynn Barrett Month ago
Lim chan Alisa
Lim chan Alisa Month ago
I wanna play this but i don’t is call
Lim chan Alisa
Lim chan Alisa Month ago
What is this game call
Courtney Sisk
Courtney Sisk Month ago
I love your channel
Angelique Dumbleton
Looks different
Angelique Dumbleton
What happened to your hair
Angelique Dumbleton
Looks different
A P Month ago
If you don't want to keep buying food or items you haft to get a manager and then the stock person stocks it not buys it that's a tip for you
Liam toys and Games
She said she can’t make money but she has $8000 😆
Beatrice Gutierez
Hi karina I've been watching u over 4 years
Sorry karina but I like your long hair better
Kassidy Raymundo
Why do Karina ignore us😭😭😭😭😭
Jennifer Imperial
Karina Estrada
Karina Estrada Month ago
You should play adopt me
Jennifer Imperial
Sophie Marie Snelling
Jennifer Imperial
fan: 4:15 karina: *ignores* fan: WHY YOU IGNORING ME :( karina:johny johny fan: yes papa? karina:WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY STORE GET OUT fan: ok :(
Adriana Mendiola
Ya I got to see you 😎
Jennifer Imperial
what you talking about
shakirah rhodes
shakirah rhodes Month ago
Karena love your episodes your ROBLOX sis vs Bro
Blair Valls
Blair Valls Month ago
I m a big fan
xAlinaGamingx Month ago
karina please come back to playing sims4!! :D
Setary Conde
Setary Conde Month ago
What happen to her hair
Anttxric Month ago
what roblox game??
It’s just me Addison
How come you are ignoring your fans
꧁ ʟᴏᴜᴅᴍᴇʟʟᴏᴡツ ꧂
You should try meepcity
Megan House
Megan House Month ago
Why did you say hi to your Fans?!?!
Lindy Juarez
Lindy Juarez Month ago
I found George your cat
Emmalynn Kramer
Emmalynn Kramer Month ago
I have
Tara Johansen
Tara Johansen Month ago
title: cant make money??!!! thumb nail: making money! lmao (im not hating i think is just funny)
Elle Month ago
What did she do to her hair. And her eyebrows sry I haven't been watching in a while and the FRECKED me out
Шорена Шевякова
why did you cut you hair
I love how can karina ignore her fans Fan: hi karina can i take a screenshot Karina: (ignoring)
Vladimir Delloro
karina talk to your fanssssss
Ms H
Ms H Month ago
You need to talk to people or your are being mean and disrespectful 👁👄👁
Cheryl DeJesus
Cheryl DeJesus Month ago
Ok. I dont really like when karina ignores her fans like there nothing and atleast say hi! or something
The dolly Girls
The dolly Girls Month ago
I finally got Robox
sophia izabella
sophia izabella Month ago
Karina, why do u not talk to ur fans anymore?
Jessica Gunderson
Oh my gosh Ronald you’re my favorite US-firstr
Alexa Q
Alexa Q Month ago
She is so lucky here in CA that game is not here
cheeto tops
cheeto tops Month ago
I been watching sisvsbro for 1 year now
George Piggy
George Piggy Month ago
Amber Breeze
Amber Breeze Month ago
What is this game called?☆
svjetlana devic
svjetlana devic Month ago
svjetlana devic
svjetlana devic Month ago
She is so mean dan are saying hi But she dosent even say hi back
Keira Landrebe
Keira Landrebe Month ago
isys and tatyan Gordon
Wait did she cut her hair uhhhhh😐😐
Amber Breeze
Amber Breeze Month ago
What is the game called?