Just Getting a Normal Snack at 4 a.m. 

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I just want a 4 a.m. snack...
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Apr 22, 2021




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Lucas X_X Gamer
Lucas X_X Gamer 19 minutes ago
Me who has played this game: There’s still more rejoin the game 58:11 !!!!!
Brody Toney
Brody Toney 54 minutes ago
Was it me or did anybody else see that trophy by the vending machine at the spawn
Carissa Larson
Carissa Larson 57 minutes ago
Go inside your room
little tweet and little bunny UwU
I liked your hair before this one
Kelly Risser
Kelly Risser Hour ago
Wake up dad
Branca Joaquim
Jacklyn Pinckney
Jacklyn Pinckney 2 hours ago
Me 🤟
a ladder
a ladder 3 hours ago
Aleksandar Stankovic
It is such a good game
Elle Sease
Elle Sease 3 hours ago
1 hour and 4 mins
• N o e l l e •
Oh so that is who made this video
Mary Lauren
Mary Lauren 5 hours ago
I playd this game today my first time btw im ur biggest fan!
And also is not the last ending
Hafizh Adinugraha
Hafizh Adinugraha 7 hours ago
I was scared 😂 lol
udin boy
udin boy 10 hours ago
why your hair like a boy
ToaztyPlayz 12 hours ago
Karina at the end: **Disappointed**
Wolfy pup
Wolfy pup 12 hours ago
Hai karina i been a fan for a while 😊☺
Rosie Cheatum
Rosie Cheatum 13 hours ago
you have to buy the egg put it on the stove and leave it there and you get the ending
__________ 16 hours ago
one of the endings is you eat the chips in your room so dad cant block you and then you go to sleep and it gives you the ending: sleep
__________ 16 hours ago
__________ 16 hours ago
not in your hotbar: orange, but in your hotbar IT LOOKS LIKE FLIPPEN CHOCOLATE MILK
Tawana Munyoro
Tawana Munyoro 17 hours ago
Her name is Isabelb
Brandy nanez
Brandy nanez 17 hours ago
you hair looks so cute!!!!!
Jenn Thompson
Jenn Thompson 18 hours ago
I tried the game and I got a couple of trophies and then I got a secret ending it's the timer to the clock in your room😱
Jeni Thompson
Jeni Thompson 19 hours ago
I don't like how short your hair is
Thang Chin
Thang Chin 19 hours ago
I Love you so much
Ximena Sanchez
Ximena Sanchez 20 hours ago
Juana Ramirez
Juana Ramirez 20 hours ago
You weren’t supposed to leave the game at the end is fun
Donald Bell
Donald Bell 21 hour ago
Why is your hair so short
zoey collins
zoey collins 21 hour ago
Not trying to be rude but why are you a boy?
•unknown •
•unknown • 22 hours ago
I got all endings there's still like 8 endings left I think so get them all
the cooper squad
the cooper squad 22 hours ago
I already knew that US-first was friend of all of us because I already knew it it's because I watched US-first before covid comes
Luna Rodri
Luna Rodri 22 hours ago
this is an hour long
the cooper squad
the cooper squad 23 hours ago
I! 😄
Emma Aponte
Emma Aponte 23 hours ago
Like I had
SANDRA REINA 23 hours ago
this is on my birthday
Michelle Taylor
Emm i miss the old hair🥺
Noon Noon
Noon Noon Day ago
what happened your hair
Ethan Freckleton
you lost
Youyou Ahdi
Youyou Ahdi Day ago
Plzzzz do a video on sis vs bro pleas
Marissa Salas
I saw purple guy in this game!!!!!
Cisco Hassle
Cisco Hassle Day ago
Oh and also Karina u didn't notice that the cashier is changing positions. Normal to tired and yeah
Jayla Miranda
Another US-firstr day that and he got scared so the chip don't laugh now cuz they don't make noise and the dad will wake up
Violet Abernathy
Karina:thats expensive! Me:it’s only $5 _~_
Night Owl
Night Owl Day ago
Karina if you look by the vending machine after the soda flood there will be a statue
Night Owl
Night Owl 21 hour ago
and there's more to the game
On Fai Bldg Incorporated Owners
This video is toooooo long im sleepy ZZZZZ😪😪😪😪😪
Donna Zito
Donna Zito Day ago
How come you haven't posted on sis vrs bro but you said you will post on sis vrs bro every Saturday and you lied
Lin Yanrong
Lin Yanrong Day ago
The dad scared me
Erica Asbury
Erica Asbury Day ago
i lost my rollypully noooooooo
Johnson Family
I never played this game yet
AFewOfMyCommentsAreCringy. . .
what the F*** is this video length? Please, just split it into at least 2 Parts..
Solomiya Sereda
Ella Sullivan
there is a flooding trofie its just near the vending machine
Logan’s vlogs aka fox king
Did you find your cats yet? I haven’t watched in awhile
Robi Is Cool
Robi Is Cool Day ago
ur sus
Padmavathi L
Padmavathi L Day ago
You look like a boy
John Ellis
John Ellis Day ago
That vid was long
Marie Smith
Marie Smith Day ago
yes i did :)
Alex brumbaroncheto
Wrong there is purple guy
Ajhay_Roblox Day ago
i just met karina then i though her channel was gamer girl then she was a boy XD
Ethan Freckleton
I played that to and lost
Jamesy Bear
Jamesy Bear Day ago
i love eating all the time IoI XD
Just now at home
Drink all the soda
Kilyn White
Kilyn White Day ago
Put an item on the stove the burner
Darren Lim
Darren Lim Day ago
I actually haven’t heard Karina laugh like that 😂
CharmGirl Day ago
Watch yt videos like flamingos/alberts vid or itsfunneh's/kat's with krew vid
CharmGirl Day ago
Wait i think you din't got the shoplifting ending.. BRUH lol really surprised
CharmGirl Day ago
Oh- but you din't got all of the ending there is one that is you have to wait till morning...
CharmGirl Day ago
You will find out how
Nova Pascual
Nova Pascual Day ago
Im a hater now im not im so sorry to be a hater😥
Ngoc Huynh
Ngoc Huynh Day ago
Do a react video inuyasha sit boy
Ayan Mohamed
Ayan Mohamed Day ago
Ayan Mohamed
Ayan Mohamed Day ago
Want me to get a car for the day before you get back
Ngoc Huynh
Ngoc Huynh Day ago
There is a secret ending
It's Gigi
It's Gigi Day ago
You should play everlands or Evelyn I think it's something like that, anyways a girl named Evelyn dies but no knows how and you have to find out of she died.
Kids Account
Kids Account Day ago
No you didn’t there is one more
Mary Kopecky-Hicks
There’s a sleep ending grabs chips and then go to your room then eat them and then sleep!
c4t løv3r
c4t løv3r Day ago
Me: *grabs food* dad: ... you fool.. also me: *grabs the gun* dad: UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Me: *shoots* me: *eats corpse cutely*
Gina Ochoa
Gina Ochoa Day ago
Get something free from the store
Go inside the stor
Novalee Jaycox
I want to find this game
Mika Minckler
you cut your hair!
Rhiley Simonin
I want more siz vrs is bro
Brielle Edwards
hi people
Kevin Oportunidad
Ann’s spa oosnxni’ iOS xoms iOS ip,an is msm woo!w mops opp,,,,,,own. W...work. Swiss’s &&&&
Russ Warner
Russ Warner Day ago
flamingo whith gun
mouse ejeae
mouse ejeae Day ago
Her hair is now short
Akio Yap
Akio Yap Day ago
Did she just called the dummie BABE?! 🤣
Fathimath Hussain
I am so sorry for not watching you for a little far 22 satarday you didt make real life vids🥺🥺🥺
Slime2 Master
Slime2 Master 2 days ago
Your hair used to be super long!
Aysha Lewis
Aysha Lewis 2 days ago
y did u cut ur hair :(
CharmGirl 2 days ago
Me: yeah its just 2 or 4 mins its not gonna be that long.. Also me realizes that its 1hr: WHAT THEN IMMA STAY HERE UNTIL ITS 12 PM HUH??
darin mattluob
darin mattluob 6 hours ago
me to but i watched it att Night
April Clevenger
April Clevenger 2 days ago
go out store with something and with not buying it
April Clevenger
April Clevenger 2 days ago
and for the 2
April Clevenger
April Clevenger 2 days ago
and you have to get chips and eat them by the bed
April Clevenger
April Clevenger 2 days ago
me to why is she changed
That one cashier you simp for
“Yea, a normal snack.” Don’t shoplift
What is this brush your theet
Barbara Sundown
Barbara Sundown 2 days ago
you no WEN I PLAYD IT IN THE bathroom I SO A GUN!!
Mary Kopecky-Hicks
Can I ask why your hair like a boy I’m not being mean I’m just asking
Laura Lewandowska
Omg you look so pretty..
Tammy Wilson
Tammy Wilson 2 days ago
Is it on roblox