Paranormal Activity 

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This is all very strange...
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Feb 15, 2021




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Egert Anger
Egert Anger Hour ago
Reynaldo Daag
Reynaldo Daag 19 hours ago
Gosh i thought u were a boy didn’t know u shaved ur hair
Marley raad
Marley raad Day ago
Can you please do a collab with thinknoodles
shadøw# L
shadøw# L Day ago
Play the maze plssss it’s a scary game to
Oh tod
opop opop
opop opop Day ago
karina try the roblox game identity fraud. It's scary.
SANJIT GHOSH 2 days ago
Everyone's wants to- see a ghost Karina- see how many coffees the coffee machine can give
karina you do not need makeup your georgous without ittttt
Bryan Santiago
Bryan Santiago 3 days ago
I love horror games
Ãchîntyä Stàr123
Wait i don't know why u hair is short I kinda surprised by that or idk TvT
And this to gamer girl to
Juana Aparicio
Juana Aparicio 3 days ago
Sarith Soeng
Sarith Soeng 3 days ago
1:35 literally me when I first play the game.
Rakhi kaur
Rakhi kaur 4 days ago
Miley Garcia
Miley Garcia 4 days ago
I didn’t know they had that game in Roblox º-º
CyndiDejesus 4 days ago
no more hora gammes
Among us Crewmate
25:31 Karina be like: Ah mah god! I'm Dying! its chill😎 Me: WHAT IN THE FUDGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
George Lopez
George Lopez 5 days ago
Am I the only one who says Paranormal Activity a lot of times
Lorraine Witter
Lorraine Witter 6 days ago
why doese she have short hair can anyone answer
Jen M
Jen M 6 days ago
Hi I just subscribed here is a game I am offering Simon says
Juliana Gaming
Juliana Gaming 6 days ago
Omg im scared
Epic Adventures IM
Do you know why there is a coffe machine there?? Because it keep us entertained but the way karina do it
Kawaii neko girl
Kawaii neko girl 6 days ago
Pls playing Spectre UwU
Delta Doge
Delta Doge 6 days ago
you should play phasmophobia, its in steam, its the original game
Poly ter guest
•Moaz• 7 days ago
can you play sky wars
Morluck Egi O.Templanza
KarinaOMG is tae mhaha
Malonious M
Malonious M 7 days ago
Chill chill chill CHILL
Archana Yadav
Archana Yadav 7 days ago
Itsfunneh played this game too
Fawn LampYT
Fawn LampYT 7 days ago
Karina 2021: "How difficult is it to play Roblox!!!" Me 2021: (Dies of laughter)😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Gacha pups Dragonzzz
The book do is the gost maybe will write in the book spirit box will do if you talk to the spirit box that's means ur talking to the gost sometimes it talks back freezing room means chance ur gonna die or the gost is there spirit orb means the gost is breathing MB5 does will tell you if ur gonna get hunted or he's there the bird noise s is the bird cage ill die with a toxic gost or demon and demons can lock doors and at the end of ur jornal you can vote what is the gost
Kat_789 Syan
Kat_789 Syan 7 days ago
When can karina just know that she couldn’t get that lantern bc it’s just for decoration 🤦🏼‍♀️😂
Kim Smith
Kim Smith 7 days ago
That’s A name of a horror movie
notsopro xd
notsopro xd 7 days ago
red ronald
Kaylee Isaacs
Kaylee Isaacs 7 days ago
Happened to your hair Karina
Kara Caicedo
Kara Caicedo 7 days ago
I LOVE THAT GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nicole Harris
Nicole Harris 7 days ago
YAY VR game kind of ith
Alfredo Martinez Gregorio
ready up
jessica 8 days ago
Love ya Karina :)
LILA MACIEL 8 days ago
Hi Karina I really want to play roblox with you someday so maybe you can make a world where all your fans hangout?
blue dino
blue dino 8 days ago
What name game
CHAITYA SHAH 8 days ago
Make video on sis vs bro
conny van den eynde
Also the not done means u shouldnt do it
conny van den eynde
Ur playing a ghost game if u didnt realize So ur hunting ghosts
Allyson Johnston
Allyson Johnston 8 days ago
Wait she shaved her hair?! Why no one teld me😭
Pedal of Flowers
Pedal of Flowers 8 days ago
Things have changedEDE.
Thuta Thway
Thuta Thway 8 days ago
I don't know what this game but I play this befor and I win so many time :D
Dabadess Btch
Dabadess Btch 8 days ago
Half of the video, karina is still not playing lol
Sara Mayorga
Sara Mayorga 8 days ago
tabitha world
tabitha world 8 days ago
The hair
Chico B
Chico B 8 days ago
Just to set things straight she is the best....... But you don't need to respond or like ill be happy either way!!!!!
Jadrian Gutierrez Gonzalez
Me: I wanna see girls scream at paranormica Also me: wait my childhood fave youtuber is playing this game?
Linda Wolfe Wolfe
Fun fact the creater was first
levi ackerman
levi ackerman 8 days ago
Remember when you played attack on titan game
Silly_Sunny 8 days ago
Hey can i join ur realm my minecraft username is (HicksFam2010
Real6kv 8 days ago
im more scared of ur transformation then ur roblox skills
Grace Vlogs
Grace Vlogs 8 days ago
Fun fact: you may not be early but your extremely fashionably late
Sara Mayorga
Sara Mayorga 8 days ago
Sara Mayorga
Sara Mayorga 8 days ago
💞💙💚💛💓💕👍 hi
Rudis Party
Rudis Party 8 days ago
Can u post more videos for sis vs bro? I miss it :(
シParaqxsmシ 8 days ago
I-I can't believe she's still posting! It's been 2 years since I've watched this channel! Karina's still looking her best lol
Gabriella Butler
Gabriella Butler 8 days ago
G Y 8 days ago
Hi Karina can you play piggy there is lots of different skins and there is lots of chapters in piggy book 2
JuanThe Gamer31
JuanThe Gamer31 8 days ago
I thought it was her brother playing LOL
Krista Varner
Krista Varner 8 days ago
Brisa blanco
Brisa blanco 8 days ago
Love your games
fashionstastar 177
fashionstastar 177
Will it be okay with you Let me know in the comments
Yvyvnki 8 days ago
Can you and Ronald play Ninjala again even i play Ninjala i am one of the best players
Jada-Kay Strickland
Karina u should watch laurenzside phasmophobia videos
And I love your videos though Love you Karina OMGgggggg
Can you play Roblox with me
Demi Zeelie
Demi Zeelie 8 days ago
Granato's Sims 4 videos
Pipi Wims
Pipi Wims 8 days ago
That.thing was a camera 📷
Salvanah Rodriguez
Pls bring back fornite
Saya Hameed
Saya Hameed 8 days ago
kinda sad how they don't post on sis vs bro..
Pipi Wims
Pipi Wims 9 days ago
I love your vids it gets better every day
its me
its me 9 days ago
i have not watched you in years on your click bait its looks like your 20 or something and i freaked out but thank haves that you look the same
odeshia lashley
odeshia lashley 9 days ago
karina why you cut yyour hai but if you like it thats you i dont really like it when it grows back plzzzzzzzz DONT cut it again plzz
Aditi Nag
Aditi Nag 9 days ago
You should watch itsFunneh's video she did the same game so u can know what u doing if ur confused
Rana Brar
Rana Brar 9 days ago
Karina doesn't know about any ghost hunting equipment
emmanuel joseph
emmanuel joseph 9 days ago
what happened to your hair!!!
Kitten Cutie
Kitten Cutie 9 days ago
Hi Karina! i sent you a request for roblox
Fnaf fan 1000
Fnaf fan 1000 9 days ago
Does anybody remember when she didn’t have comments? When she did bloxburg? *Good Old Days*
nadia zameni
nadia zameni 9 days ago
hi karina i shaved my head just like u
Callysta & Samantha
Karina is the nomenies for kids choice awards 😄😄😄😄😄😄😇😇😆😆😆
Jasmine Abigail
Jasmine Abigail 9 days ago
Karina please post another video in sis vs bro. It's bean so long like a month your last vid was in January and this is already february
Salama Faisal
Salama Faisal 9 days ago
Karina can u do more arcade similar
irdina nur imani
irdina nur imani 9 days ago
Mr A Light
Mr A Light 9 days ago
Why did you cut your hair Karina 🤷‍♀️
ladyshoobz 9 days ago
Karina do you have animal crossing new horizons?.
Jilian Rose R. Valdezco
Try Brookhaven
Clean Soap
Clean Soap 9 days ago
I remember watching you as a kid
The Geniuz Gamerz
Check out The Genuiz gamerz
Hari Radhakrishnan
What do u hve to win this game
arwa badri
arwa badri 9 days ago
Pls play roblox drama karina pls
Alise Dreimane
Alise Dreimane 9 days ago
Karina can you do some minecraft pls
Bhuvi Divi
Bhuvi Divi 9 days ago
Which game?
Ciya Kulkarni
Ciya Kulkarni 9 days ago
I seriously didn't understand what this game is....
Taleen Sultan
Taleen Sultan 9 days ago
Can you play minecraft
Unicorny Flamingo
I saw ur avatar nowadays its soooo shot