Playing Among Us in 3D Roblox! 

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Among Us in 3D, who is the Impostor among us?
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Mar 5, 2021




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Comments 100   
Raushita Yadav
Raushita Yadav 6 hours ago
Plz it's ben a long time
Raushita Yadav
Raushita Yadav 6 hours ago
Karina plz make more real among us plz.
Othman almalki
Othman almalki 22 hours ago
Karina is soooooo cute
Mya Kitty
Mya Kitty Day ago
Hi karinaomg
Lishai Jones
Lishai Jones Day ago
Arshi Sigdyal
Arshi Sigdyal 2 days ago
This looks harder than the real among us
Ahmad A. Ataya
Ahmad A. Ataya 2 days ago
Me 🖐
Maninder Singh
Maninder Singh 2 days ago
It was yellow
BEREKETI KLAN 2 days ago
Karina what do u expect ppl not to follow u Your popular kind of so they will follow u
Srinivas Vasu
Srinivas Vasu 3 days ago
Karina cut her hair but she still looks gorgeous 🥰☺️😇
Barrett Berard
Barrett Berard 3 days ago
Why is there a microphone on week
Joniver Mar Allen Dacanay Sibayan
Tâm Nguyển
Tâm Nguyển 4 days ago
And tell Ronald I just be his friend today in roblox I didn’t tell her to be my friend in roblox
Sajani Simon
Sajani Simon 5 days ago
Can you plz play the new map?
Tanvi Kapoor
Tanvi Kapoor 5 days ago
Kareena did you not see that yellow killed pink
C crew C
C crew C 6 days ago
Haaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaa :me
Joanna Wall
Joanna Wall 6 days ago
Joanna Wall
Joanna Wall 6 days ago
Hii i love you
LJ Medina
LJ Medina 7 days ago
I’m a true fan
Emerald Lewis
Emerald Lewis 8 days ago
as you all know im on a computer.karina i love your videos you are so cool bye!
Bernardette Mercieca Spiteri
This game is so funny because the cat ers are not in amangas
Lama Mahmoud
Lama Mahmoud 9 days ago
what’s the name of the game it looks like the original one😒😒😒😒
Pyarireet Pannu
Pyarireet Pannu 9 days ago
It is brown
Jennifer Butts
Jennifer Butts 10 days ago
Why did u cut your hair? And Hi karina
Tom Dooley
Tom Dooley 10 days ago
Neli Petkova
Neli Petkova 12 days ago
That girl who you said don’t murder me he murder pink
Neli Petkova
Neli Petkova 12 days ago
Or yellow or is it brown was literally following year so it’s kind of a little bit serves me like this around like another round I mean but try out yellow as well
Neli Petkova
Neli Petkova 12 days ago
Oops it was brown you are orange it was a kind of orangey brown is that a no or yellow I don’t know no brown brown is differen
Asma Abdullah
Asma Abdullah 12 days ago
Karina didn’t you know when you were in storage at 7:18 yellow killed pink
Adela Leom
Adela Leom 12 days ago
I have roblox to
Kathleen Hall Gee
Kathleen Hall Gee 12 days ago
Hi Karina, I am a kid on my moms account butttttttt, this is me, in this video, go to where you were doing your task in admin when you had that 🤪 black hair style, in the corner, yellow killed pink in cafe. It was a 🤪 thing I spotted and wanted to let you know. 😃😉😁😃. Thx a lot for your vids, me and my sister watch them alllllll day.
范丽云 13 days ago
Zana Me2002
Zana Me2002 13 days ago
You can friend me name is playsroz
Sanjay Monde
Sanjay Monde 14 days ago
I've seen in the 2 round. That yellow killed pink
Jonathan Sam
Jonathan Sam 14 days ago
more among us
Monique Brockman
Monique Brockman 14 days ago
Wen i play this game I am an impostor very first rownd 😁
Sergei Furtado
Sergei Furtado 14 days ago
Do among us airship map
Dvidgmertv83 14 days ago
KarinaOMG Whites name was pricepacman,OK
Jess Ortiz
Jess Ortiz 15 days ago
Jess Ortiz
Jess Ortiz 15 days ago
AJ press three and 22
Jess Ortiz
Jess Ortiz 15 days ago
It’s yellow
Jess Ortiz
Jess Ortiz 15 days ago
Karina is in cafeteria did you not see it was in the cafeteria and it was AJ press 23
Mario Mencos
Mario Mencos 15 days ago
Y was the importar and y won
Kaleb Cook
Kaleb Cook 16 days ago
Did anyone else see that yellow killed pink in cafe while karina did whiers
Bimansa 2412 5C
Bimansa 2412 5C 18 days ago
i just saw yellow killed pink in cafetaria but karina didn't see lol
Ocean Kong
Ocean Kong 18 days ago
in i pad with phone
Reyna Fresa
Reyna Fresa 18 days ago
what is the name of the game?
Florencia Balunan
Florencia Balunan 19 days ago
what karina do you like amongst us or among crewmate 3d .me like both and real among us
Zartasha Fahim
Zartasha Fahim 21 day ago
I am a answering Teddy fernands:hey I have been Karen's fan since I was 5 now I am 9 years old
Lauren Street
Lauren Street 21 day ago
Yellow killed pink in cafe I saw in the video you were doing wires
David Reece
David Reece 23 days ago
Don’t buy their T-shirt’s because they sent wrong size and now won’t answer me for an exchange or refund
Candy D
Candy D 23 days ago
i wunt to see what it looks like to be ded
Joie Ramos
Joie Ramos 23 days ago
What is the name of the game
Melinda 23 days ago
Can you play 60 seconds again?
Gacha heat gay fart
Karina I love your hairstyle and I love the game you're playing I love a like and another location belt and subscribed
Jennifer Lee Sims
Jennifer Lee Sims 23 days ago
What game is it?
me loves ham
me loves ham 24 days ago
did anyone notice that someone killed when karina is doing her tasks and she didnt even notice it lmao
Game fun
Game fun 24 days ago
Just wondering
Game fun
Game fun 24 days ago
How is your boy friend?
Game fun
Game fun 24 days ago
I actually think that the hair was cute
Roshell Cunning
Roshell Cunning 24 days ago
Plz no improper language im a child
Roshell Cunning
Roshell Cunning 24 days ago
Haha among us in rōbloz
Tammy Ragston
Tammy Ragston 24 days ago
It was yellow
Laila Abdellatif
Laila Abdellatif 25 days ago
Laila Abdellatif
Laila Abdellatif 25 days ago
I played this game!
Dave Wilson
Dave Wilson 25 days ago
Yahya Alaa
Yahya Alaa 27 days ago
Emma Play
Emma Play 28 days ago
The only time Karina reads chat.
mnkiernan 28 days ago
Hi karina just wanted to let you know that you can talk to ghost when your dead so they can tell you who killed them and you can find out who the other imposter is. Just wanted to let you know ❤️btw love your vids❤️🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️
Flannery Tutors
Flannery Tutors 29 days ago
Karina when you want to admin yellow killed pink
Flannery Tutors
Flannery Tutors 24 days ago
princesa princess
princesa princess 29 days ago
I have
Christicorn 29 days ago
Karina: Black sus, he didn't tell where the body way Karina again: bRoWn's nOt SuS eVEn tHo hE wAs foLlOwINg ME
Muhammad Nordin Omar
Anjalie Singh is tru yellow killed in front of u = ^ =
Levi Z
Levi Z Month ago
its y
Aly Kat
Aly Kat Month ago
hi karana i pawsed the video and saw brown killed white!
The Rawr Queen
The Rawr Queen Month ago
How else wanted to shave ther hair because of karina
Sabina Wanjiru
Sabina Wanjiru Month ago
And I think you should press it 100%
Sabina Wanjiru
Sabina Wanjiru Month ago
There is a button that says become imposter
Kareena I love watching your videos
Daniela Koceva
Daniela Koceva Month ago
malanna cowie
malanna cowie Month ago
Did anyone see yellowkill pink on the second round in caf?
Helmi M
Helmi M Month ago
I have been a true fan of karina over a year
wow i this game you never get impostor why?
Rogie Cabototan
Rogie Cabototan Month ago
She dint see the body
Mahmuda Jannat Sraoshe
Please play pubg
Tanisha Lodhe
Tanisha Lodhe Month ago
Who can count how many times Karina said "alright"
Joyce Smith
Joyce Smith Month ago
I was lime
Joyce Smith
Joyce Smith Month ago
Yes you did
Joyce Smith
Joyce Smith Month ago
What is happening in the game
Joyce Smith
Joyce Smith Month ago
Bionca Campbell
Bionca Campbell Month ago
Timothy Hubarth
Timothy Hubarth Month ago
I been Karina's fan for 15 years cuz thats my hole life
Eva Muskat
Eva Muskat Month ago
Is it just me or did brown never die lol
Bujar Stefani
Bujar Stefani Month ago
Hi 🙋‍♀️ thanks for let me know
Priscilla Biemba
LPS Foxamelon Olguin
Karina. I think I'm going to go to rigator Me. What's regator
Radhika Raina
Radhika Raina Month ago
What’s the name of this game Please tell
Nazmulnahar Shanta
Nazmulnahar Shanta
Karina yellow killed infront of 7