Playing Realistic Minecraft 

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This is super realistic Minecraft, modded to feel more like IRL.
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Jan 22, 2021




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Comments 1 798   
Amanda Torres
Amanda Torres 10 hours ago
Why you cuss
Mahila Sofina
Is it true you getting bullied with off camera? Trends said on YT?
Runak Ahmad
Runak Ahmad Day ago
plz bo PKXD
NFE & Kids
NFE & Kids 2 days ago
You’re the best US-firstr in the world world I’mDeynneI’m new to this channel and Love this channel
Ademola Wale-Ayodeji
grainne reynolds
grainne reynolds 3 days ago
Melissa Norvise
Melissa Norvise 3 days ago
Miley Garcia
Miley Garcia 3 days ago
Loidstoins?!?! 😂
Sriram R
Sriram R 4 days ago
You can make full iron armor
Edgar Villarosa
Edgar Villarosa 4 days ago
Hi Karina me and my sis r fans my name hannah
Justno Gaming
Justno Gaming 5 days ago
What happened being kid friendly lol
Khoon Yong Low
Khoon Yong Low 6 days ago
Do you know that’s video you said every map has to go through the toilet and reach into the sauce
Lissie Ballew
Lissie Ballew 6 days ago
Please don't say damnit. I'm a child and children are watching your videos!!!! 😠👿😡😾😣😾😾😾😾😾😾😾😾😾😾 don't make the kitties mad
Payton Carter
Payton Carter 6 days ago
And karina is growing up too fast lol
Seth Hilts
Seth Hilts 7 days ago
She has food!!!
Lisa Beutick
Lisa Beutick 8 days ago
Uw interesse in onze klanten geschreven na de ridder en Mike
Lisa Beutick
Lisa Beutick 8 days ago
Producten worden verkocht aan de ridder van Rappard de midden staat de dag waarop ook niet voor een van de midden van de dag dat je het niet voor een u een u een overzicht van onze
Lisa Beutick
Lisa Beutick 8 days ago
Ook met de ridder en Mike de ridder en Lexi de dag dat de ridder van Rappard ga naar pagina en Mike de midden van de ridder en Lexi en Mike en Colin Firth 5A American audio meer bekijken de midden
Karen Hynes
Karen Hynes 8 days ago
That kind of mincraft is so cool
Sunset plays
Sunset plays 8 days ago
Your cool gamer Girl
Randall Brown
Randall Brown 8 days ago
What happened to your hair
Briar Peva
Briar Peva 8 days ago
did she say the d-word D: i trused you
Emerson Floren
Emerson Floren 8 days ago
Did you get a hair cut
Sabrina Morales
Sabrina Morales 8 days ago
I like it when she says everything is super chill
KeiraLikesKiwiz 9 days ago
"yall are the nicest chickens ever.."
Sabrina Morales
Sabrina Morales 8 days ago
Madalina Manole
Madalina Manole 10 days ago
I think you get magic by killing a fairy
Sarah Still
Sarah Still 10 days ago
Why did you cut your hair
Yeshey Choden
Yeshey Choden 11 days ago
Karina did u and Ronald get a call by shaya jaycob
Carolyn Tharp
Carolyn Tharp 11 days ago
Your hair is different
Kids Diana Arts
Kids Diana Arts 11 days ago
Kann someone tell me what model this is? Or game?
Shanna Jackson
Shanna Jackson 12 days ago
can u make more RLCraft vids plz
Lovely Ballares
Lovely Ballares 12 days ago
Karina: super chill Me:mmhm Karina: ahhhh
mahira jawad
mahira jawad 12 days ago
Karina I'm your biggest fan ever please if you do shoutouts please Can I have a shoutout
lisa goes
lisa goes 13 days ago
karina u looked much beter with loge hair
جنا star
جنا star 13 days ago
you r so cool
Talyah Bryant
Talyah Bryant 13 days ago
anyone else notice how she said damit cause she used all her levels-
O Bsims
O Bsims 14 days ago
You chill 😏
Melba Macale
Melba Macale 14 days ago
You ar coll ehhehe
Thandokazi Mpofu
Thandokazi Mpofu 14 days ago
Diana McLain
Diana McLain 14 days ago
your hair it is beautiful
Kori_Playz 15 days ago
Karina: awwwww snail Also Karina: * kills the snail *
Denija Donasevica
Denija Donasevica 15 days ago
Who can tell me how to download this verson of this minecraft?😣😕😕😕😕
Julia Teano-Alcoreza
hi Karina I have not watched your videos for a long time now I am back watching and you do not really do these Minecraft videos and I really like them also I wanted to remind you that it is not called realistic Minecraft it is modded Minecraft you put mods into Minecraft
Jaspreet Sandhu
Jaspreet Sandhu 15 days ago
Wow the banshee vid was terrifieing and I screamed
Jaspreet Sandhu
Jaspreet Sandhu 15 days ago
I luv it
꧁Queensun꧂ 16 days ago
I love her hair and this mod. She reminds me of Elevan from stranger things
Jonathan Woods
Jonathan Woods 17 days ago
Why do you say the D work arena
Jonathan Woods
Jonathan Woods 17 days ago
Why do you say The D word creena
Dominic 18 days ago
I have a feeling this is the new 1.17 update
Evelyn Courtney
Evelyn Courtney 18 days ago
You have to crouch in Minecraft use your shield to be protected if you don’t know Karina
Trixie the magical girl
If you are scared of mobs go to settings and go peaceful your welcome 😸
Noma 101
Noma 101 19 days ago
Build a tree house please
Galaxy Star
Galaxy Star 19 days ago
What happens to your hair
•S A L T Y•
•S A L T Y• 19 days ago
Omg gurl your sooooo grown up now you've changed so much your the type of role model ppl need remember guys to live life on the edge or you will never see the view karina has already taken this advice obviously
Autumn Troop
Autumn Troop 19 days ago
❤️ love gamer girl🥺
Luna 123
Luna 123 20 days ago
um ok love it
Khaleesi Brown
Khaleesi Brown 20 days ago
:O 27:47
rohmadtika dita
rohmadtika dita 20 days ago
So cool
Ava Nez
Ava Nez 20 days ago
like bugs
Ava Nez
Ava Nez 20 days ago
did you have to shave it cuz you had lis
Ava Nez
Ava Nez 20 days ago
why do you not have hair
•ChxcoMilkii• 20 days ago
The 2 Things that aren't so realistic things in this minecraft mode: 1. Square Sun- 2. still can't sleep at any time but night-
Loren Playz
Loren Playz 21 day ago
Is it just me that watched her all the time a few years ago and I just realized she has short hair now lol
O Bsims
O Bsims 14 days ago
No I watch the video one time and she told us that she cutting her hair!?
jenny james
jenny james 21 day ago
Fun fact it is called as shaters
Payton Carter
Payton Carter 21 day ago
LOL that was so funny when she said dam it
you're doing great sweetie
And now more home school?!?
you're doing great sweetie
What if now is face to face class now and you got a shaved hair and no more Corona virus?!?
sküll_lover 21 day ago
Me *watching the video* Also me * wait the comments are on* Also also me * is she sick the coments are never on*
Lara 21 day ago
I miss old karina
Mohammed Masood
Mohammed Masood 21 day ago
💖I love you💖
Mohammed Masood
Mohammed Masood 21 day ago
My name is laralara this is my name in mincraft okay🥰😍
·。·přîňčěšš ĺâňâbhěĺ šãńțøs·。·
Your so cool but why is your hair super duper short?!
Micah Pitcher
Micah Pitcher 22 days ago
that fase was like 0_0
Lainey Stonerock
Lainey Stonerock 23 days ago
How do you move in craft
wolf pack
wolf pack 23 days ago
What happened to your cute hair!?
Zia Micai Aguila
Zia Micai Aguila 23 days ago
Kirina I love your hair
Unvalks 23 days ago
Gamergirl your cool
Allyson Levano
Allyson Levano 23 days ago
Why did you cut your hair????? You look better with long hair.
A big larray fan Georgina hull
Karina not being rude but what happened to your hair because it looks beautiful
Your hair is cut !!!!!!!!
Makayla Tangeman
Makayla Tangeman 25 days ago
Your a girl
Olivia F
Olivia F 25 days ago
Kathryn Faith Felipe
is good😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Louis Hatch
Louis Hatch 25 days ago
Karina said DAMED
Denzel Mae Endrina
Denzel Mae Endrina 26 days ago
Why is there a butterfly
Jennifer Diaz Soto
Jennifer Diaz Soto 26 days ago
Yeah you’re famous
Demonjingle 26 days ago
Why does your Minecraft skin have hair if you don’t
Puggirldogs12 27 days ago
what mod is this
Ahamed Raiq
Ahamed Raiq 27 days ago
Your videos are soooo cooool
SE sisters
SE sisters 27 days ago
Hi karina
Nicky Zheng
Nicky Zheng 27 days ago
Wow you so cool and kind and nice and nice looking and look like a Daisy and I am a dig fan of you gamer girl!
Donna C
Donna C 27 days ago
hi karina
Bodi Eva
Bodi Eva 27 days ago
How do I get the mod?
FazePanda354 28 days ago
Yes she is a cool girl my sister always watches her 😊
Brandon Nobles
Brandon Nobles 28 days ago
Love you 😘
drnaing naing5
drnaing naing5 28 days ago
that dude when she killed the sheep that wierd idk? hatchtags XD ####
Samirah Lofland
Samirah Lofland 28 days ago
please answer me , i wanna know if you wanna be friends and play roblox tomorrow
Tatum Northern
Tatum Northern 28 days ago
What pack is this??
Ala Nagi
Ala Nagi 28 days ago
Why it really rad
Ala Nagi
Ala Nagi 28 days ago
Oops red
Stacy Li
Stacy Li 28 days ago
Stacy Li
Stacy Li 28 days ago
i love your vis