Playing The Diamond Arcade Machine 

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I'm playing with the diamond arcade machine.
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Apr 4, 2021




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Laura Schreiner
Laura Schreiner 20 hours ago
You did this on Easter 🐣?
Laura Schreiner
Laura Schreiner 20 hours ago
I love ❤️ how you play Mario and Zelda because I love video games because it’s one ☝️ of my hobbies and I have a Nintendo Switch Lite and my brother has a Nintendo Switch.
yaritza reyes
Love your videos
Maxine Spence
Maxine Spence 2 days ago
I now that you live in Spain 🇪🇸 and I hope we will be out of
Maxine Spence
Maxine Spence 2 days ago
I have been watching you for 4 years in 2015th to 18th April I love your videos!!!!
Sophia Smith
Sophia Smith 3 days ago
Karina: another one, another one, another one Me: DJ KHALI-
Kristen Mundy
Kristen Mundy 3 days ago
That's cool lol
Kristen Mundy
Kristen Mundy 3 days ago
You need 90 of them lol I love you karina lol.
Kristen Mundy
Kristen Mundy 3 days ago
Do you have a switch
Kristen Mundy
Kristen Mundy 3 days ago
You should get Reed of some of them
arteria jordan
arteria jordan 3 days ago
I love you vids
LazyWolf:D 6 days ago
Karina can u start playing adopt me and royal high again plz
The Auresto Family
Akira_wolfie 7 days ago
I love your hair! :)​your so lovely and beautiful
꧁Cotton Candy꧂
If she didn’t have the username KarinaOMG I would be like - “WHY A BOY BE HAVING A GIRL’S VOICE O_O”
Juanaaparicio Aparicio
I got 8 million in 3 days while playing this game because i play everyday lol Edit: btw i ment 8 million cash if any of you have gotten it in 3 days to Good Job!
C crew C
C crew C 8 days ago
Please celebrate my birthday on April 16
C crew C
C crew C 8 days ago
You are the best and the biggest biggest biggest fan of you
Jam Jam Morales
Jam Jam Morales 8 days ago
Why do have a long hair you a girl
Sean G Games
Sean G Games 9 days ago
Like your Cut g
Palak Pathrabe
Palak Pathrabe 10 days ago
Oye takli
David Reece
David Reece 10 days ago
These lot take ur money. I bought the sis vs bro t shirts they sent the wrong thing and they won’t respond to my messages via the website for a refund or exchange since last year. I will comment on every video till I get my money back.
Janvi Bhende
Janvi Bhende 10 days ago
Happy birthday karina ❤️
Umaima Baloch
Umaima Baloch 10 days ago
play brookhaven!!!!
Chinga Simoko
Chinga Simoko 10 days ago
I love your vids karina
Nadine Bassioni
Nadine Bassioni 10 days ago
It looks so pretty when it’s long
Nadine Bassioni
Nadine Bassioni 10 days ago
Please don’t shave ur hair again
Valerie Ramos
Valerie Ramos 10 days ago
u where gonna post every satuerday but u post every 5 years ANDDDD on sis vs bro u never ever post whats ur escuse
Valerie Ramos
Valerie Ramos 10 days ago
whats the game called
Melonie Rodriguez
Melonie Rodriguez 11 days ago
You should Get a new place like get a new bigger building
Blossom tea
Blossom tea 11 days ago
Can I get a shout please
Joyve Howard
Joyve Howard 11 days ago
Why did you cut your hair 😭
David Reece
David Reece 12 days ago
Sis vs bro don’t buy from their website. I bought two T-shirt’s on their website they sent the wrong thing and won’t give me an exchange or refund. They take ur cash this was since sept 2020
Muntean Family
Muntean Family 12 days ago
can u pls play that game whit ronald pls pls
Joshua Rea
Joshua Rea 12 days ago
Lmao she shaved her head
Captain Stink11
Captain Stink11 12 days ago
Dude i miss the old one 😪
Naeema Al.Mubarak
Naeema Al.Mubarak 12 days ago
nobody:... girl: stairs at karina karina: ignores her me: hahhahahhahahahaha
Lynn Velicia
Lynn Velicia 12 days ago
Karina pls make more vid on sis vs bro
Green Tea Bunny
Green Tea Bunny 12 days ago
Hello my name is Heidi I’ve been a fan for 3 years now I’d like if we could do an obby one day . My Roblox name is greentea_bxnny I sent u a request :
Galaxy _ Rocks
Galaxy _ Rocks 12 days ago
Ann Harris
Ann Harris 12 days ago
it did give you 100,0
Laura Chlebowsky
Laura Chlebowsky 12 days ago
Please among us there is knew suff knew map and knew hats please karina
Roushan Al Kurdi
Roushan Al Kurdi 13 days ago
You should watch lankybox by
Harper Corbitt
Harper Corbitt 13 days ago
Yesenia Sanchez
Yesenia Sanchez 13 days ago
You are not posting on s
Kaliana Skiles
Kaliana Skiles 13 days ago
Plzzzz do more minecraft 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🤗🤗🤗🤗
Layla Gamer
Layla Gamer 13 days ago
"We ArE gOiNg To PoSt A vIdEo EaCh SaTuRdAy"
dave V
dave V 13 days ago
Have a great day everyone who is reading this
Im Quiting Roblox For Good Sorry
Im watching this cause quite think my family are asleep lol 😆 😅 🙃 😂
Brandon Bryant
Brandon Bryant 13 days ago
please post more royale high games!
Jay _wasLost
Jay _wasLost 13 days ago
Me with a full rainbow floor and two golden dark terrors and wack a dominoes 👁👄👁
eloy garcia
eloy garcia 13 days ago
and my brother is an level is 72
Madelyn Simmons
Madelyn Simmons 13 days ago
Do you know what that game is could? me and my friend were trying to see.
Parvathy Arun
Parvathy Arun 14 days ago
A quick question for Karina why aren't you guys posting any new videos on sis Vs bro it has been two weeks and I know that there must be a reason for the delay
Tazeenshaikh Shaikh
Can you plz play among us in new map airship
Janelle 14 days ago
natalie dexter
natalie dexter 14 days ago
Omg add me on roblox
natalie dexter
natalie dexter 14 days ago
Karina I’m your biggest fan!
MP - 04GS 832947 Nelson Mandela PS
Why are you not posting - _ - U said you would every Saturday, you broke your promise already
Olivia 14 days ago
She’s grown since I last saw her (not in real life y’know in videos)
Lara Mohamed
Lara Mohamed 14 days ago
bro can you do a new video please c Kari na
Arianna Lul
Arianna Lul 14 days ago
What happed to posting every Saturday on sis vs bro
Heartlyn Yumul
Heartlyn Yumul 14 days ago
Please may I see you're cat please chibi and George please I subscribe please please please
Cheri Van Der Westhuizen
I saw you were a nomeny for the kids choice awards you got my vote congratililations🤣🤩🤩😁😁
Ramaraju M.S
Ramaraju M.S 14 days ago
Why aren't you sending sis vs bro videos
Karen Zielke
Karen Zielke 14 days ago
Peanut can you please make more videos cuz I watched all of your videos so can you make more and I love your videos 😃💌
Nick Lawlor
Nick Lawlor 14 days ago
in Roblox
Nick Lawlor
Nick Lawlor 14 days ago
you change your outfit all the time
Skar Skye
Skar Skye 14 days ago
Nvm he got trolled
Skar Skye
Skar Skye 14 days ago
His US-first name is acey
Skar Skye
Skar Skye 14 days ago
Remember when that random fan texted u he was recording but we didn't see your number
Christina Cherry
Christina Cherry 14 days ago
can you please make an upload on sis vs bro I thought it was every Saturday.
Sarah Khanom
Sarah Khanom 14 days ago
Karina when can you make a world in mc with Ronald and playyyyyyyyyyyy
Sebastian Rodriguez
Sebastian Rodriguez
i saw you on and ad good job!
Tsuki Night
Tsuki Night 14 days ago
Me watching this after i didnt watch het for 3years
Jessica Sandhu
Jessica Sandhu 14 days ago
i love you
Jessica Sandhu
Jessica Sandhu 14 days ago
play mall tocoon
Maariya Ahmed
Maariya Ahmed 14 days ago
She went from girly to tomboy
Doll in world
Doll in world 14 days ago
PLSSS play among us PLSSS and I am new and u lookk soooo cute
Helmi M
Helmi M 14 days ago
Karina you should get all diamond games and then get a second floor
Eden Jillings
Eden Jillings 14 days ago
Can you play more sims please
Andrea Bonotti
Andrea Bonotti 14 days ago
Wth i have the same haircut as you Karina-
Valene Faulkner
Valene Faulkner 14 days ago
I thought when you moved into the new house you would post video's every Saturday for sis v bro
Michael Pipers
Michael Pipers 14 days ago
33:42 Her mic was a little glitchy
Hera YT
Hera YT 14 days ago
How are you Karina and everyone
Zainab Ansari
Zainab Ansari 14 days ago
ωну ∂σєѕ ѕнє ησт ρσѕт мσяє αмσηg υѕ νι∂ѕ ι ℓσνє∂ ту тнєм αη∂ тнєяє ιѕ α ηєω мαρ
MUSZAK 14 days ago
Karina you promised to us that you will post a video every Saturday and it has been 8 weeks 😤😤😤😤😤
sahara karki
sahara karki 14 days ago
You broke tha promise of posting evrey Saturday 😭
Johann Olivier
Johann Olivier 14 days ago
Please play my restaurant the game on roblox its so fun and IDD love for you to play that game again thx
KaKa Chow
KaKa Chow 14 days ago
I have this game too and I have floor 2
Ruby Roo
Ruby Roo 14 days ago
1 day ago Me: Yay the vids lied she’s not dead
ksbabu k
ksbabu k 14 days ago
What happened to sis vs bro huh
Dr. Nadia
Dr. Nadia 14 days ago
Still no sis vs bro vid 😭
ijasminN 14 days ago
Hi karina when are you gonna play the new among us airship map🥴
Taytem Newton
Taytem Newton 14 days ago
What is your roblox
Alndrea Rania
Alndrea Rania 14 days ago
Karina where is your cat i love your cat you dont remember
Hirana Khan
Hirana Khan 14 days ago
Did any one hear her mic Glich in her arcaid
Hirana Khan
Hirana Khan 14 days ago
kirana pls make more Dragon tycoon ple
Jackie Leoyian
Jackie Leoyian 14 days ago
Next video should be Karina gambling in arcade empire
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