Raising Baby Dragons 

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I'm raising little baby dragons.
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Mar 11, 2021




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Comments 100   
Tony Santos
Tony Santos 5 days ago
I thought u were ron lol
Tony Santos
Tony Santos 5 days ago
Cut ur hair??
Rica Johnson
Rica Johnson 7 days ago
Karnia you don’t have to go all the way downstairs to collect your money you just have to press home and then you’ll just be right next to it
Laura Saavedra
Laura Saavedra 9 days ago
Karina they said where is Ronald
Karen Stephenson
Karen Stephenson 11 days ago
Karina. I don’t know what to call the dragon? Me. Why don’t you call it bob
Matilda Esho
Matilda Esho 11 days ago
Wut happened to your hair in roblox and in real life
Lotti Carr
Lotti Carr 12 days ago
Karina : I’m broke My mom: we are homeless Me: what the
Lotti Carr
Lotti Carr 12 days ago
Me : Why are we broke My mom: Because she said so Me:🤦‍♀️
all i got to say is i met her once playing adopt me
Zahraa Adam
Zahraa Adam 14 days ago
KARINA you should name your dragon rosie LOL
Regina Petrova
Regina Petrova 16 days ago
I love her hair! It grewwwww!
JAXSON DIBLEY 16 days ago
I think you should name it Sea
Malou Dahl
Malou Dahl 17 days ago
You go Karina!🥺🥺❤️
Tiew Yong Liang TikTok
Um, why you not reveal this new office?
Adam Crawford
Adam Crawford 18 days ago
Hi what is your favorite game to show us on US-first
Azlan Akram
Azlan Akram 21 day ago
plz make more fashion famous vids
Azlan Akram
Azlan Akram 21 day ago
i msz ur fashion famous vids
daneya edwards
daneya edwards 22 days ago
What about Gourge
David Reece
David Reece 22 days ago
Don’t buy their T-shirt’s because they sent wrong size and now won’t answer me for an exchange or refund
Winter Joy & Ariana Lola
lele is a good name
L Cee
L Cee 24 days ago
Rose are red And youtube is too I got my first like But why is it blue?
Breeanna Chastain
Breeanna Chastain 25 days ago
im wtaching your tiktok rn
Malavika Manu
Malavika Manu 25 days ago
Miriam Gonzalez
Miriam Gonzalez 25 days ago
I am a fan
Miriam Gonzalez
Miriam Gonzalez 25 days ago
Arvind Babu
Arvind Babu 27 days ago
karina:where did all the money i spent go??? me:watch 8:57 proof right there
Aaron Trinidad
Aaron Trinidad 28 days ago
What game roblox-???pls
لين لولو ‏الذكية
How about your name is Dragon city of Leal
لين لولو ‏الذكية
How about your name your dragon Leo
Kangooroo Salvadoreño
Skylar E0023
Skylar E0023 Month ago
Please don't annoy Karina when she's playing a game she probably won't respond and all it will do is annoy some of the viewers.
Adela Altamirano
Love your video s
supernic2 Month ago
The money is coming from the farming
Hayden Paige Healey
i finishd this gam bfor you vn played
Karol P
Karol P Month ago
it is spelled Liam. I have a liam in my class so I know
Gamer Girl
Gamer Girl Month ago
Me:so mad when sees how much robux does karina have Also me: i litteraly have 0 robux
Noraini Raimi Sajari
Fan:How do you like Ronald? Me: Um.. That's her little brother...
Nita - Chan
Nita - Chan Month ago
Quick request can you play loomian legacy
Seyi Bello
Seyi Bello Month ago
oh never mind
Seyi Bello
Seyi Bello Month ago
Vetoann Baker
Vetoann Baker Month ago
Why are you Gus toking a Boston her back rownd
Angela Bella Domingo
Im almost finished with the tycoon
Xingci Chen
Xingci Chen Month ago
Kaelynn Murtiff
Kaelynn Murtiff Month ago
Valerie Martinez
I checked the video with the new house Ronald is very tall he is almost taller than you
thao tran
thao tran Month ago
I already see someone play this game
Eunice Palmado
Eunice Palmado Month ago
I love that karina is active in this channel like it makes my day even better
carlo mallari
carlo mallari Month ago
karina can you play more mall tycoon or eviction notice
mkpicard Month ago
Are you in your new house?
karina the upgrader was on the middle😃
yesenia Cisneros
I wish I was you and I ❤️ 😛😋 ## gamer girl
Stuart Pryor
Stuart Pryor Month ago
You should name your dragon Oceanna
Cute Sylveon!
Cute Sylveon! Month ago
Karina for some reason she doesn’t listen to what people say in roblox? Do you know why she doesn’t listen to people in roblox? Pls reply and like my comment
Cute Sylveon!
Cute Sylveon! 20 days ago
@Skylar E0023 ok good point
Skylar E0023
Skylar E0023 Month ago
She doesn't listen because she would rather play the damm game and mind her own business. She is quite popular so she probably would constantly have to deal with random kids way below her age spamming her with messages. She has to make content for money so she wouldn't have time to talk to kids.
Alan Nguyen
Alan Nguyen Month ago
karina use code welcome
Oeurn Xiaoying
Oeurn Xiaoying Month ago
I got the last thing to finish the dragon tycoon and I can fly my dragon It gained wings!
Shadow Kittie
Shadow Kittie Month ago
Karina: We're is the money I spent? 😥 Me: the upgrader in the middle.😑
Chelsea Ann Baylosis
Karina u need a higher level
Chloe Zhao
Chloe Zhao Month ago
omg I haven’t watched you in so long! I love your new hair cut!
Princess Month ago
Love the sailor moon shirt
devi soumyaja
devi soumyaja Month ago
So cute
Azra Tilki
Azra Tilki Month ago
You Can name the dragon ash or ashlyin or ewry TOO
Tahira Farid
Tahira Farid Month ago
My name is spelled Amayah but you say it very differently then it sounds
Vinay Yogeesh
Vinay Yogeesh Month ago
Karina which room is that is that master bedroom because u won the master bedroom
xBby. .Animex
xBby. .Animex Month ago
0-0 Karina what happend to your bootiful hair-
Destro Dude
Destro Dude Month ago
What about storm because he's such a dark coloured dragon
Bebe Amazona
Bebe Amazona Month ago
Mili DasGupta
Mili DasGupta Month ago
She has hammer,she is not happy with it,AND SHE DOESN'T EVEN SWITCH TO SWORD
Anistyn L
Anistyn L Month ago
Anistyn L
Anistyn L Month ago
Name your dragon Nice boy I love you
The Adventures A
Sailor moon 🌙!
Elihle Xulu
Elihle Xulu Month ago
You guys are flexing
Elihle Xulu
Elihle Xulu Month ago
Umang Thakkar
Umang Thakkar Month ago
You probably need to get to a certain level to go to other places 🤩
Tamel Saunders
Tamel Saunders Month ago
Ashton or Varane
Tamel Saunders
Tamel Saunders Month ago
Boy names
Tamel Saunders
Tamel Saunders Month ago
Make her name lanna or mia
Jennifer Draper
Jennifer Draper Month ago
Why did Karina cut her hair 👦🏻
Skylar E0023
Skylar E0023 Month ago
Because she wanted to
Wanda Gonzaga
Wanda Gonzaga Month ago
*WHO IS THE BEST Gamer if you comment Both you* *Pick karina* Like:Ronald Comment:Karina
Soumya mishra
Soumya mishra Month ago
K- kind A- a cute girl R- rabbit I- iron women N-nice girl A- avcado lover
Vilma Sommarström
Vilma Sommarström
Do u have infinite robux
Daisy is a nice name love u!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Latisha t
Latisha t Month ago
Ho else is scrolling into the comments to see if they have a crusc on her 🥰🥰🥰
Hope Cayea
Hope Cayea Month ago
krina omg why did you cut your hair
Skylar E0023
Skylar E0023 Month ago
Because she wanted too
Shital Chandak
Shital Chandak Month ago
1 more part pleas
gerard sinnappah
HI i am also playing
Hari Speaks
Hari Speaks Month ago
You house is cool
Hari Speaks
Hari Speaks Month ago
marina a rd you double jointed
GSE Media
GSE Media Month ago
If you like US-first put like if you like Roblox leave a reply(Roblox game that Karina is playing)
Rock Star Droppers
I completed the tycoon you are on and the sky place im on the dragon village and if you want to friend or follow me I'm littlefood101 and play with me and my dragons name is brash thug
Montserrat Castillo
I just noticed her shirt says sailor moon 😯✨
Samantha Vasquez
Karina can you please not keep cutting your hair ok Karina
Skylar E0023
Skylar E0023 Month ago
She gets to choose what she wants with her body. You do not control her.
Sha'Donna Osborne
How you think about the L on the kids chose awards
Alicia Muniz
Alicia Muniz Month ago
You are getting money Automatically cause of the gardening dragons
Natlove 15
Natlove 15 Month ago
I would name him Blueberry. Karina always said “dinosaurs” instead of “dragons”. Lol
Raff Scouts
Raff Scouts Month ago
you should name it little t
amani irby
amani irby Month ago
loved karinas channel
Lydia Rehmert
Lydia Rehmert Month ago
Name your dragon Charlie!!
Abigail Cibrian
Abigail Cibrian Month ago
karina probily youre not gonna see this but go to the 3 floor and go to the table make mars sit on the chair
Andrew Dykeman
Andrew Dykeman Month ago
sara M
sara M Month ago
who misses Karina's hair like if you do comment if you like her new hairstyle better
kay niles
kay niles Month ago
i love youer videdos