Ronald is Accusing Me! 

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Ronald thinks I'm the Impostor!?!
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Feb 7, 2021




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haley villano
haley villano 8 hours ago
haley villano
haley villano 8 hours ago
I always said blue but you didn't do it
King KK
King KK Day ago
can you tell us when you play among us in roblox in roblox my name is manchu0808 ok pls ans
Estella Ciriello
Estella Ciriello 9 days ago
Savitri Sharma
Savitri Sharma 9 days ago
Karina you must survive
Manohar Purewal
Manohar Purewal 10 days ago
Can You Play hide and seek in among us
Pat Pat
Pat Pat 11 days ago
Sis vs bro ❤️😜🤪
Pat Pat
Pat Pat 11 days ago
Sis vs bro
Demarris Laird
Demarris Laird 11 days ago
BrodyGamez 15 days ago
Karina: "Hey, it's Karina" Captions: "Hey, instagram"
Audrey Cheung
Audrey Cheung 16 days ago
Bekric Alisa
Bekric Alisa 18 days ago
it is amira
Johnny 19 days ago
make more among us vid
Lisa Paredes
Lisa Paredes 21 day ago
I love your Among Us videos
Layla Martens
Layla Martens 21 day ago
Myra Gupta
Myra Gupta 24 days ago
I think Imosters are pink and orange ( oooo and E )
Scarlett Ganesh
Scarlett Ganesh 26 days ago
And covid 19
Scarlett Ganesh
Scarlett Ganesh 26 days ago
I was so surprised that Ronald made fun of everyone that was so funny
Ophelia Martinez
7:58 (Karina GASP) Me omg what happened I look At her tasks and im like oh lol
Dini Muraleedharan
karina stole my identity
Speedy cant swim
i dont care what anyone says this is the funniest amoong us video ronald and karina have made
Macario Zazueta
Macario Zazueta Month ago
😂😂😂♥️♥️ you guys r best
japneet Month ago
Excuse me ronald its a she brown is a she and that she is me and btw i can hold 6 people at once
Brendan Zheng
Brendan Zheng Month ago
Good video but since the sis vs bro channel turned off the comments Ima ask u and Ronald something. I thought you going to post a video on sis vs bro every Saturday but there hasn’t been a video on sis vs bro for 2 weeks.
James Hall
James Hall Month ago
James Hall
James Hall Month ago
i love among us
33 Ishanvi Mishra
even if white didn't want to play with you , it would be a dream come true for me
33 Ishanvi Mishra
and I understand if Ronald falsely accuses u of being imposter . my little sis accused me for looking up the definition of old on google in my exams .
33 Ishanvi Mishra
btw , francais means french
sam long
sam long Month ago
i understand Ronald u were kind of SUS
Yanyan Chen
Yanyan Chen Month ago
Nyan cat
Magical Art And Craft
How to open among us on laptop
Marina Farabaugh
I’m Marina
Mohamed Ahmed
Mohamed Ahmed Month ago
Can I be in your video
Mohamed Ahmed
Mohamed Ahmed Month ago
Can you post a video
David Reece
David Reece Month ago
Don’t buy their T-shirt’s because they sent wrong size and now won’t answer me for an exchange or refund they scam u sis vs bro do.
Eugena Wynn
Eugena Wynn Month ago
Omg I am Maria and I saw a cat bread
Eugena Wynn
Eugena Wynn Month ago
Red is my Brother
Carmen Primera
Carmen Primera Month ago
lol while am seeing the vid me playin among us
XxAndrewxX50 Month ago
karina thinks she is smart by saying it was ronald
Laiba Fazal
Laiba Fazal Month ago
why is kariana bald
Ryan Kuang
Ryan Kuang Month ago
ronald that was so rude out of you
Tessa Girl
Tessa Girl Month ago
I love you play!! I love Karina and Ronldo from Sis vs Bro! ❤️
Shedeka Scott
Shedeka Scott Month ago
Happy birthday 😘
Valeria & Jacky
Valeria & Jacky Month ago
I don’t like that Karina saved or cut hey hair she looks so like a boy haha
girl KAREN much
Me. Dan
Me. Dan Month ago
I realy like sis vs bro i sutch a big fan i always watch this
Eliza Flavin
Eliza Flavin Month ago
I have a hamster and a dig
Maria Month ago
Maria Month ago
I really like your videos❤️
Jia lin
Jia lin Month ago
This is how much people laughed when Ronald said pog and karina said that’s not even a word 👇
Namik Salihovic
Namik Salihovic Month ago
I think YOU shud post more among us videos cuz evrywone loves you’re vidios
Angelica Calderon Velasquez
Angelica nine years old
Angelica Calderon Velasquez
I speak Spanish at home and English in school year 4 stbernadette
Christine Mazhata
Hi karana
Daphne King
Daphne King Month ago
Amira and Maria have the same letters!?!? That’s crazy weird. Maybe they were cheating.
Myra Gupta
Myra Gupta 24 days ago
Or they were on a call or they were twins
fred byford
fred byford Month ago
Hug the wall and catch covid
Angela T. Clarete
Ahahahah ronald your so damn lol 😂🤣😂 i though your smart but your not hahaah what a damn
Ali Grace
Ali Grace Month ago
i was playing among us and i sawa guy named preston plays and he was FAKE
ALLIE BOO Month ago
Roldan is rude
ALLIE BOO Month ago
Soooooo much rude
Krystal Thacker
Krystal Thacker Month ago
People alwaays accusing you when you keep getting crewmate be like 😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬
Claire DeMarcus
Claire DeMarcus Month ago
this happed to me :come on! I have med, omg.😠 my little brother: I may have med, has the other thing,😅 yellow:blue is safe he made a masked,😊 me :crying in the corner😥
Christopher Nelson
I loved when 4444 Join the game I even came up with this song 4444 cat bread haroldboi7
evil. girl
evil. girl Month ago
Don't pick purple no u didn't
Niadh World
Niadh World Month ago
Who ever you see name is red colour they are the imposter
Jennifer Geddes
Jennifer Geddes Month ago
Who misses chibi and George
Rachel roth / raven
yeah its been like a year =°(
Dinosaur Girl
Dinosaur Girl Month ago
( by the way I play among us, wildcraft, roblox, and minecraft,)
Zoe McConaghie
Zoe McConaghie Month ago
Joining cause two youtubers in one game
Nipaj Asher
Nipaj Asher Month ago
A hacker joined in your lobby in the first round
Rajni Joshi
Rajni Joshi Month ago
OMG this is how sabre feels in the norris nuts gaming (i mean used to feel)
Kinjal Lalge
Kinjal Lalge Month ago
@Rosie is Posie they are also a kid gaming channel her younger sister and brother used to always say she is the imposter first and then they learnt a lesson . Hope u understood
Rosie is Posie
Rosie is Posie Month ago
Why what heppened
Best player char
that means i am french
laggy hush
laggy hush Month ago
Who remembered about 4 years ago
Douglas Blackman
Ronald: KARINA YOU VOTED ME Karina: no I voted blue Me: Ronald karina didn't vote you lol
Emihle Mazantsana
Emihle Mazantsana 2 months ago
I love you Karina you're the best Ronald you're weird and rude
Mazon Katherine
Mazon Katherine 2 months ago
Adrenalino1 Ashwas
Adrenalino1 Ashwas 2 months ago
For your very kind information karina amira means princess in arabic
tala loveheart
tala loveheart 2 months ago
Karinnna Todd maaaaaaaad
aurelina 2 months ago
9:09 uhh
Kriti J. vasishta
Kriti J. vasishta 2 months ago
Is this karina channel or is it ronald channel
Rachel roth / raven
karina's (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)
Jules Romero
Jules Romero 2 months ago
RUDD .........................
Jean Baelz
Jean Baelz 2 months ago
i like the viodo
Jean Baelz
Jean Baelz 2 months ago
me to
Ariel Okyere
Ariel Okyere 2 months ago
What dose imao
Muhammad Rehmat
Muhammad Rehmat 2 months ago
Cool game and Karina why did you cut your hair.
Hareem Javaid
Hareem Javaid 2 months ago
im older then karina im 23
AISHA MUNEEB 2 months ago
Why is the speed so important?
Rose 2 months ago
we need more amongus videos with you AND ronald
Rose 2 months ago
scats are cute and bread is delicious so i love your name
_______.caroline.______ .fidgets.
*ronald sneezes while accusing* karina:😑🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Allie B
Allie B 2 months ago
You look different
Jodie McIntire
Jodie McIntire 2 months ago
OMG I LOVEEEEE AMONG US !!! My name is Fun fact I please try and find me
Tia Hampton
Tia Hampton 2 months ago
I love sis vs bro
Tia Hampton
Tia Hampton 2 months ago
I love among us
Bowbow _2510
Bowbow _2510 2 months ago
Ronald: “Hellooooooooo!” Me: “Hi 👋”
Maribel Zipagan
Maribel Zipagan Month ago
UwU Henlo!!!!!
cois zero
cois zero 2 months ago
Speedy cant swim
Speedy cant swim 2 months ago
ronald is the funniest ever
Drjsnsd Edccmd S
Drjsnsd Edccmd S 2 months ago
I was playing among US with you guys i was blue. I was imposter
Speedy cant swim
Speedy cant swim 2 months ago
Zaylee King
Zaylee King 2 months ago
At exactly 7:26
Zaylee King
Zaylee King 2 months ago
Are you playing among us right now
Jessica Kozak
Jessica Kozak 2 months ago
and ronald said scan insted of astroids *slpas my head*
Rosie Scott
Rosie Scott 2 months ago