Ronald is Accusing Me! 

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Ronald thinks I'm the Impostor!?!
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Feb 7, 2021




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Comments 2 559   
Sanika Wale
Sanika Wale 26 minutes ago
Karina:Why did you vote me out?!?! Ronald: Because you called me sus! Karina:YOU WERE SUS!
Nurul Fajrina Noor Hisham
can sis vs bro have a new video at least 3 days continuesly
doodmattie barchan
hi gamer girl i love you video your the best so as you ronald and why don't you guys don't play bloxburg any more? im just asking
Ericka Jane Napuli
Ericka Jane Napuli 8 hours ago
Why your hair look like a boy hair why its cut your hair
Mary ann Siazon
Mary ann Siazon 12 hours ago
LoL You guys enjoy playing together
Joanna D
Joanna D 19 hours ago
Can you plzzzzzzzzzz do among us in real life
I love ur among us vids!!!!!!! And also when ronald says THATS CAP And pleaseeeeeeee post vids on sis vs bro!!
Nicolas Etienne
Karina my name is maría
Emily Chapman
I was in this video I was playing as Nice
Lucky glitters 123
I can't believe I was in the video!!!
Carl Collinshduaghlgtudb8473vxy
Aditi Jagwani
Aditi Jagwani 2 days ago
Be safe from eris loris and eris lois They are the Hackers They Found My ip address and Hacked the game
Michael Leader
Michael Leader 2 days ago
Molly Kielthy
Molly Kielthy 2 days ago
Why shave your head 🤔
Jasmine shaw
Jasmine shaw 3 days ago
I love your US-first channel
you are puting no videos on sis vs bro
Shri Khopatkar
Shri Khopatkar 3 days ago
Karina has samples and says she has scan🤣🤣
Natalie Wynn
Natalie Wynn 4 days ago
I’ve seen a Haroldboi6 and then a Hatoldboi7 joined I was just like THATS CAP
Blogger Labour
Blogger Labour 4 days ago
I love watching your videos especially the ones with your cats
Prie Hive
Prie Hive 4 days ago
Did Ronald really say fu|
Milana _Cookiegirl
Funny moments from dis video: 16:18 uhh..... 0:05 halloooooo 4:05 for money 17:55 mom interrupts 16:28 karina proofing she is da best and she is Click the numbers to see the parts⬆️
MLR The Pro
MLR The Pro 4 days ago
R.I.P Karinas mike🙏🏻😭
Mayenziwe Nhleko
Mayenziwe Nhleko 4 days ago
Ronald lets go we killed the virus was so funny
Jack Girl Magic
Jack Girl Magic 4 days ago
Here is a trick all you have to do when there is a among us character and doing the shhhhhhhhhh click on it and then it will give you a chance to be in imposter.
Yeet thx
Lego lovers 1
Lego lovers 1 5 days ago
I was imps with my bro onceee
Canisia Paula
Canisia Paula 5 days ago
Ohhh noooo the red guy is a hacker remember eris loris the red guy he totaly hacked i played a normal match a left untill 3 days and he hacked found the game that a was playing on and he said follow me on twiter or i will hack you and then he left
Fun with Cheeky Thea
It’s pink it’s purple it’s black it’s brown it’s green it’s like it’s cyan it’s dark blue
Fun with Cheeky Thea
I’m kinda late but also kinda early
Ishita Ghosh
Ishita Ghosh 5 days ago
Ronald and karina i am a big fan of you and i love you and ronald i know
Sunitha Kanugula
Sunitha Kanugula 5 days ago
I tink all the other players are children
Claire Bear In The City
You guys are great
Liam Linsdell
Liam Linsdell 5 days ago
just want to say some one lying about you saying that your dead and that was 2 week ago so they liaring
Harsh Gulati
Harsh Gulati 5 days ago
Sorry Ronald and Karina I am brown grapes sorry for being mean I'm a big fan
Samantha Jacobson
Hi Karina
Vara Fuad
Vara Fuad 6 days ago
I joined a faker karina omg server(I think I was a fake bc it was forcing us to sub)
Alex Rissin
Alex Rissin 6 days ago
I Love it
charley price
charley price 6 days ago
Karina some one said that they were you in roblox in a obby and said that Ronald was in his room but they were not you
Alleyah Azeez
Alleyah Azeez 6 days ago
Did anyone notice in the first round where ronald created a room a guy called eris loris was there (sire sirol)
sherry caraway
sherry caraway 6 days ago
i love this fame so much
EmmaKatherine Buckman
exscause me i'm eight insaulting
Puppy_sqaud 201
Puppy_sqaud 201 6 days ago
If they both got imp, that would be the best 😁 like this. Ronald: * imp * Karina: * imp * Both: WHAT?!
Jon Stroup
Jon Stroup 6 days ago
Ronald. Best day 2020. Me. It is 2021
Wendla Öggesjö
Wendla Öggesjö 6 days ago
Why is Ronald accusing Karina every round?
Rajavathany Reegan
𝕎𝕙𝕒𝕥 𝕥𝕠 𝕕𝕠
Carly Clinton
Carly Clinton 6 days ago
2021 falls agian
Carly Clinton
Carly Clinton 6 days ago
it is feb 19 oh my god falls
Princess Pink
Princess Pink 6 days ago
i love among us
TJ Gaming Gayle
TJ Gaming Gayle 7 days ago
Or what ever
Emmelyn Ianno
Emmelyn Ianno 7 days ago
i love u karina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Snishka Grrewal
Snishka Grrewal 7 days ago
dont you feel sad or anything that your cats are still MISSING!!!!!!
Joanna jijo
Joanna jijo 5 days ago
They didn’t post an update cos nothing happened and u kinda did make it seem like u were yelling
Snishka Grrewal
Snishka Grrewal 6 days ago
@Joanna jijo well have they ever posted a video or update about them and i said that with no offence not trying to be mean
Joanna jijo
Joanna jijo 6 days ago
Of course they do ur not them, u have no idea how they feel
janram kevin D alcontin
ronald is always voting karina but karina is always crewmate
Vipawan Iamthananon
Kai kai Toledo
Kai kai Toledo 7 days ago
Hmmm i think its the time to make a restaurant But Aria will do!!! Pweaseeee on sis vs bro
Kai kai Toledo
Kai kai Toledo 7 days ago
Cape in Philippines in coffee!! ༼ つ ◕◡◕ ༽つฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ
Harmony DeBrossard
it was blue
Rana Singh
Rana Singh 7 days ago
I’m big fan and I love you so much much ❤️🖤💛💚💙💜🤍🤎💖💘💝❣️💕💞💓💗
YANLI XU 7 days ago
My name is Princess and I am pink I have the little flower headband thing
Aaron Bowers
Aaron Bowers 7 days ago
I love you all I love your vids can’t wait to get out of lockdown I really want your merch but can’t get love u all 😗
Carelle Renee Macalino
Carelle Renee Macalino
sis vs bro your the best ima subscribe and i wish i could live with you and be in a home like you
Katie O'Rourke
Katie O'Rourke 7 days ago
Francais is francd
Ebrahim Nasiri
Ebrahim Nasiri 7 days ago
i think u will win the KCA
Ebrahim Nasiri
Ebrahim Nasiri 7 days ago
Amount us I awesome
Sugar bliss soph
Sugar bliss soph 7 days ago
OMG I WAS IN THE FIRST GAME I WAS PINK!😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰
Alyssa Wilcox
Alyssa Wilcox 7 days ago
ones a guy pretend to be rolold then I realized rolold hates fast speeds and the speed was 3tims he got kot and hated me he ask the host to band me 😄😆😂🤣
Alyssa Wilcox
Alyssa Wilcox 7 days ago
he was so mad😆
Alyssa Wilcox
Alyssa Wilcox 7 days ago
he was so mad
Richard Ruswan
Richard Ruswan 8 days ago
Karina you join with a hacker his name is eris loris
Krisha's Channel
Krisha's Channel 8 days ago
Omg in Karina's game Eris Loris came he is the biggest hackers and sire sirol and 119 too
Robyn And Eva
Robyn And Eva 8 days ago
Some ppl don’t have swip case I have swip but my friend dose not have it :)
Joanne Walker
Joanne Walker 8 days ago
You are my favourite US-first’s
Bluexmooon 8 days ago
The one who said YOUR NOT THE REAL RONALD They're so lucky! Hahahahahahha
Clifton Chambers
Clifton Chambers 8 days ago
But i like yours more
Clifton Chambers
Clifton Chambers 8 days ago
Im 9 and stay wen im not imp
Clifton Chambers
Clifton Chambers 8 days ago
Pls cool to l that my name in the game
Kaira Smith
Kaira Smith 8 days ago
I’m eating ramen while watching it
HANG NI NGUYEN 8 days ago
…you see red at the start of the vid he was in my game and said the same exact thing in the chat…
Lily and Kelly
Lily and Kelly 8 days ago
Make videos on ur main channel pleases beg u please please please please ;(
Lacee Orr
Lacee Orr 8 days ago
Now I like Ronald more I can’t believe u
Lacee Orr
Lacee Orr 8 days ago
What did u do to your hair karina u look like a boy 🥺🥺 I WAS your biggest fan u could ever have I’m so dissipoted in u
Bimlesh N. Kushwaha
Wow homophobic
Angels amazing voice
do u play on laptop because i cant get it on mine
cays Vids
cays Vids 8 days ago
Your character looks exactly like mine
Jeniffer Weldon
Jeniffer Weldon 8 days ago
U look amazing don't think what people think of u about ur hair
Itz Lacey
Itz Lacey 8 days ago
Omg, the Eris Loris person is a bot so he careful they spam chats with fake webs . He also keeps joining me and my friend xx
Sophia Sophi
Sophia Sophi 8 days ago
I was red
Avtar Singh Dhaliwal
hi yo i am your fan
Sandhya Sawant
Sandhya Sawant 8 days ago
If you have blocks you can make anything from it and we will tell who's we like pls make this video and send in sis vs bro channel
Sandhya Sawant
Sandhya Sawant 8 days ago
Slime challenge pls
Daz 9 days ago
Karina looks so old in a good way but ronald still looks the same
Walle’s Life
Walle’s Life 9 days ago
Kalea Tavares
Kalea Tavares 9 days ago
you guys r so funny 😂
Kalea Tavares
Kalea Tavares 9 days ago
i love watching Ronald and Karina
Dark_Games 9 days ago
Who saw in the chat free hacks?
Sedina Muslim
Sedina Muslim 9 days ago
Be safe
gamers r epic
gamers r epic 9 days ago
Meher Irfan
Meher Irfan 9 days ago
I want to play with u guys im your biggest fan
Yashveer Ramautarsing
Nobody plays this game anymore dude
Jerrieana Pasague
I played with ronald because I see the name of haroldboi7 in my game
Anna Singleton
Anna Singleton 9 days ago
That bRaInSLuG you saw, His name is GOOZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!you don’t wanna call him that? Wanna fight m8? (ง'̀-'́)ง
Yunxi 9 days ago
I mean blue was with him
Yunxi 9 days ago