Trying Not to Get Lost in Minecraft Hardcore 

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I'm planning to make a pen for animals, and not to get lost.
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Mar 29, 2021




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Comments 100   
Ga8laxyGam3rF0x 3 hours ago
Karina if u still have ur realm pls add me my username is HannaDJ fox
PEHAL MITTAL 7 hours ago
in the next minecraft vid in this world you should try to get some pets and stuff and maybe a horse?
Dhanielle Jocson
Kids Bullock
Kids Bullock 2 days ago
Me. Fighting with my brother to see who gets the sheep wole Her. Oh look sheep Also her. Bye sheep
Kids Bullock
Kids Bullock 2 days ago
Why no pigs? Just asking You don't have to answer
CatheLyn aviLa
CatheLyn aviLa 4 days ago
I can see you now
TheHoneyGirl 5 days ago
I love your hairrrrrrrr
Gen Dayon
Gen Dayon 5 days ago
Hi can you addd me in your minecraft with ronald and you i am big fan of you my name n Minecraft is lovely
Gabriella Murray
Gabriella Murray 5 days ago
Hi Karina I love you vids
Kirina onto!!!!!!!!!!!
Its Chloe_2010
Its Chloe_2010 6 days ago
Karina: Iโ€™ll just go in a straight line Also Karina: ->
kedar jirage
kedar jirage 6 days ago
Can I have your number
No YES 6 days ago
Summer Manning
Summer Manning 6 days ago
if you are looking for see punch the tallest ones
wassim hijazii
wassim hijazii 7 days ago
Can u do more minecraft
Virginia Quinones
how are you so good at mine craft?
sukhjinder bhangu
sukhjinder bhangu 10 days ago
Karina: I don't know how far I went. Me: YOU WENT TWO HUNDRED FEET!!!!
Yana Sweat
Yana Sweat 10 days ago
Actually now that I'm looking at ITIT's not going so well at all
Angelica Martinez
I am a big fan kirina
Yana Sweat
Yana Sweat 10 days ago
This is going so well
Analie Sumague
Analie Sumague 10 days ago
try to go to the aether
vibe wit jai
vibe wit jai 11 days ago
Kelly Brugger
Kelly Brugger 11 days ago
Nice sand world if my little sister was in that world she would just dig in the sand all the time same with my little brother
Julie Gurgone
Julie Gurgone 12 days ago
im trying not to be weirded out by lava is aloud in buckets isnt lava supposed to melt metal
Perla Nacar-Tamayo
Perla Nacar-Tamayo 12 days ago
Ur voice is like a girl
A For Ajent -Games & Fun
Lisa Walker
Lisa Walker 12 days ago
Hi there can you please give your phone to Ronaldomg
It's puppy gacha
It's puppy gacha 12 days ago
Natalie Hwang
Natalie Hwang 12 days ago
Lol I did a hardcore mode I did not last a day
Linda Sampson
Linda Sampson 13 days ago
Karina: ima try not to get lost Me: GIRL MAkE A COMPASS U HAVE THE STUFF Me: oh wait she took her bed nvm
Fawaz1400 13 days ago
Why is every one livening her sheโ€™s like ewwwwwwswwwww
Fawaz1400 13 days ago
Why is your hair like that ew my hair is longer
Princess Rochelyza
Princess Rochelyza 13 days ago
Karina you should play minecraft more often
Madalina 14 days ago
Coolz 14 days ago
Karina-โ€œ Iโ€™m just gonna punch him๐Ÿ‘€โ€ Me-โ€œThatโ€™s fine.โ€ LIKE GURL WHAT HAPPENS IF THERE A ZOMBER IN IRL KSHSHDMXIXJSJS
G4M3R R3N4T0
G4M3R R3N4T0 14 days ago
Karina should make ยกVamos Children! merch.
Zein Kobrosli
Zein Kobrosli 15 days ago
Love ur hair๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿ˜˜fan boy
Ya Anastasia
Ya Anastasia 15 days ago
She is pigphobic๐Ÿ˜‚
T Gamer
T Gamer 15 days ago
Karina's videos aren't the same anymore
lily me life
lily me life 15 days ago
ur torchs in ur invtory
vi Granger
vi Granger 15 days ago
Who else is just scrolling trough the comments while it loads
Ava Sanchez
Ava Sanchez 15 days ago
You probably won't see this (Karina), but I want to know your Roblox username so I can friend you. Just so you know, and for anyone else that would like to friend me, my username is AvaRene2008 :)
Bam Bam
Bam Bam 15 days ago
Good job winning the master bedroom in your other channel with your brother Ronakd and your dad Freddy
Eleanor da cat
Eleanor da cat 15 days ago
Karina: "Wait, where are my torches?" Me: Huh guess they got used Karina: "Guess I'll make more" (Karina exits chest) Me: PANIK Also me: Omgggg they are in your inventory!!! (Me tapping the screen trying to get Karina to notice) (Karina noticing her torches were right there) Me: KALM (Karina who had already made more) Me: PANIKKKKKKKK
Person UwU
Person UwU 15 days ago
Kimberly Leon Fernandez
But Karina you are the best at every game
Kimberly Leon Fernandez
I am always dying in minecraft
Ihar Lupsiakou
Ihar Lupsiakou 16 days ago
Karina you are super
vitwekar 16 days ago
Why Karina why the haircut๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข
Sophia Khan
Sophia Khan 16 days ago
Why are you not posting on sis verses bro
Sophia Khan
Sophia Khan 16 days ago
La la la la la la
Andrew Woods
Andrew Woods 16 days ago
karina hi i am going on a little adventure
Homa Araste
Homa Araste 16 days ago
Kainat. Ime jor fen
Ingrid Thompson
Ingrid Thompson 16 days ago
i thought karina learnt her lesson of not playing in hardcore
Parker Giles
Parker Giles 16 days ago
Why did you get a boy hair cut I love it ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ˜˜
Katelyn Tarver
Katelyn Tarver 15 days ago
she shaved her head around 1-2 months ago
Prempal Saund
Prempal Saund 17 days ago
Can u do the new among us map video please
Prempal Saund
Prempal Saund 17 days ago
Can you do the new among us map please
natasha morris
natasha morris 17 days ago
i shaf mi hed
Caliyah Brown
Caliyah Brown 17 days ago
Video has been basically you waiting for sleep why havenโ€™t you go mining you just pick a new document to get cold maybe I shouldnโ€™t like all your videos Iโ€™m gonna unlike all of them and Iโ€™m like Ronald
Katelyn Tarver
Katelyn Tarver 15 days ago
look, if u don't like the content, then don't watch, but don't take it out on everyone else who does
Anis Tabbara
Anis Tabbara 17 days ago
I love your videos.
ANZbuds 17 days ago
karina you should try beating the ender dragon like if u agree:)
Seidey Lerma
Seidey Lerma 17 days ago
Hiii! Karina I always watch your videos and they are amazing and you're the best and so cool OK
Claricel Guerrero
Claricel Guerrero 17 days ago
Karina are you Alyandra's Cousin
Analie Sumague
Analie Sumague 17 days ago
your a nood wen a pig is strike with lightning it turne into a pig men
Anushka 8 A
Anushka 8 A 17 days ago
can you on your shaders??
NekoTheUnicorn 17 days ago
Who else miss the โ€œsis vs bro introโ€
Cole Morgan
Cole Morgan 17 days ago
Kirsten Burke
Kirsten Burke 17 days ago
Sara Lodder
Sara Lodder 18 days ago
How does she where her house is every time I play I lose my house
TEDDY DAVIS 18 days ago
Karina are you okay I will fight Ronald to get you back
Gamer James chanel
Gamer James chanel 18 days ago
Pout shader
Payton Herzog
Payton Herzog 18 days ago
hi Karina! I love your vids โค๏ธ
snow queen
snow queen 18 days ago
When are you going to play with ronald again
wolfkiller 18 days ago
Why you look like a boy
i play with my toys kamcc
Me: I'll just eat it raw Karina: I need to get cole
Dale Blevins
Dale Blevins 18 days ago
Long hair back
Dale Blevins
Dale Blevins 18 days ago
Long hair back
Desi Hidalgo
Desi Hidalgo 18 days ago
I do not think you should use your iron sword for like cutting grass and wood because it will break easily
Steph Lodge
Steph Lodge 19 days ago
You are so good at Minecraft! I always watch your videos when I play ๐Ÿคฃ!
Andrea Moreno
Andrea Moreno 19 days ago
I love your video and Minecraft
Disney Frozen
Disney Frozen 19 days ago
Me:I NEED to subscribe again!
Shaun Hanson
Shaun Hanson 19 days ago
Gayatri Devi
Gayatri Devi 19 days ago
U litilerly have bones
moody fan sanna fan
Plz trun that music down
Tasnim Tabassum
Tasnim Tabassum 19 days ago
Bc you don't care of pigs
Hristina Nikolova
Hristina Nikolova 19 days ago
Me when the piano music hearing... me: I'M BORED. When the music is getting Lauder. Me: DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ•บ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ•บ๐Ÿ•บ๐Ÿ’ƒ
izabel rose
izabel rose 19 days ago
I love when youbplay minecraftโค๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’œ
Gale 19 days ago
You know that you can write corrdinates in the chat
NWIS Boys1-7
NWIS Boys1-7 19 days ago
Maybe they wore busy or they are getting some stuff ready for one of there Vids
Me Mememe
Me Mememe 19 days ago
Why canโ€™t u play in 1.6 in bed wars bruhhhhh
Chrisjan De Leon
Chrisjan De Leon 19 days ago
I miss Karina's long hair
Jaffa Oliverio
Jaffa Oliverio 19 days ago
Janet James
Janet James 19 days ago
How do you play Minecraft?
Emma Yeko
Emma Yeko 19 days ago
OoOoh aft Minecraft
Aya Mackie
Aya Mackie 19 days ago
Why didn't she get the hay bails for her farm?
Debbie Creech
Debbie Creech 19 days ago
And already have your tortched
Debbie Creech
Debbie Creech 19 days ago
I love it were you and. Ronald play cuz always ask for something from him
Pan Myat May Pyo
Pan Myat May Pyo 20 days ago
love you Karina and keep uploading
Pan Myat May Pyo
Pan Myat May Pyo 20 days ago
Pls upload more videos on sis vs bro
rainbow spakul
rainbow spakul 20 days ago
Hey someone needs to help his name is Melvin is part of the spy ninjas and he needs your help play with the league and you'll find out find out where they are and get them out of there
Mikayla Hight
Mikayla Hight 20 days ago
Karina you should definitely start playing adopt me please please please please
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