Uncovering Secrets of The Haunted House 

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I'm searching for secrets of this house.
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Apr 6, 2021




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Alexis. Chloe. Kid Martin
This is terrified😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🥺🥺🥺
Roses are red
yeah why are you not posting on sis vs bro?
Vittorio Lucho Amida
The closet door closed
Anouk Simon
Anouk Simon Day ago
fun fact is that i never hated karina
Kimberly Rathmanner
i love horror
Liddy de Joux
She is sooo calm
Tony Rigg
Tony Rigg 2 days ago
Me waiting for there new vid on Sis VS Bro -ME-is it coming yet???????:)
StuffedPlayz 2 days ago
hiii I love your channel
Josselin Arriola
Josselin Arriola 2 days ago
Can you do another chapter please
Jason Barberee
Jason Barberee 3 days ago
I am so 😓
Elizabeth Tavares
Maybe when it said maybe something goes here? You should place the blocks in the right spot on thef
Nazmon Nahar
Nazmon Nahar 3 days ago
Nazmon Nahar
Nazmon Nahar 3 days ago
I am really scared of this game
Kylie Simon
Kylie Simon 3 days ago
I love your and Ronalds videos
Malik Abdul
Malik Abdul 4 days ago
I like you much 1000000000000000%
kacey ebarb
kacey ebarb 4 days ago
Safia AMARI 4 days ago
that is creepy but she only had 2 jump scares the car and stacy ???
Lisa Woodside
Lisa Woodside 4 days ago
UhhhhhPlane to do to him pad the day I am playing TV out no playing antiquing I’m playing with laps here to me to be damn that with me to do with clear to me to be there
Julia Yohanna
Julia Yohanna 4 days ago
Who else watched this at 3 AM?
Julia Yohanna
Julia Yohanna 4 days ago
7:50 who saw that the door closed OwO
Ruta Zalite
Ruta Zalite 4 days ago
7:45 did one of you see that closet thing cabinet vas opened and it closed not sure if karina saw that
Natalie Scianna
Natalie Scianna 4 days ago
When she was in the room with the cross the closet door closed on its own😩🤚
Josseline Romero
Josseline Romero 4 days ago
Her hair is short
Niiko Haacke
Niiko Haacke 4 days ago
what is this game called?
Kaliana Skiles
Kaliana Skiles 4 days ago
Anyone here named Stacy?🤣🤣🤣
natalie 5 days ago
7:51 who else saw the closet door close. It was open and then it closed.
Heather 2 days ago
i did
Vikki Cupples
Vikki Cupples 5 days ago
Why play things like this.
•Dah Gacha Goose•
hey karina, big fan...if you want to get even more subs, try playing tower of hell and adopt me trust me...btw adopt me chenged...no more roleplay. Stay safe
Catherine Johnson
Please play 'Welcome' It's another horror game I really want to see!!
Avanthikka 6f25
Avanthikka 6f25 5 days ago
What's this game about
William Afton
William Afton 5 days ago
I haven't watched Karina and Ronald in a long time, and I am very surprised by how much they've changed!
Ella Myginly
Ella Myginly 6 days ago
Make a video of doing stacys chapter again and do my clue
I_will_sub_to_everyone_who_subs_to_me For_real
Karina: electrical key Ogay Me: what das ogay mean Love u karina ur my favourite US-firstr :)
Ella Myginly
Ella Myginly 6 days ago
Hey karina I played that and the shapes are the clues click them and put them on the floor and the shelf will move!
Maria Ghiatha Bigyan
Bro what the heck happened to Sis vs bro
Niya 6 days ago
Why am I in this house why can't I call the police 😂😂
fatima siddiqui
fatima siddiqui 6 days ago
hi when will you post new videos
Kai DuPlooy
Kai DuPlooy 7 days ago
I love your videos Karina this is the first time seeing this video in 4 years 😊
Juan Francisco Estevez
why did she cut her hair
Danaëvah Girigoria
Play granny its a realy fun horror game you have to ecsape its realy fun and scary
Viktoria Ivanova
Viktoria Ivanova 8 days ago
D that rain is zombies in it
Viktoria Ivanova
Viktoria Ivanova 8 days ago
Zombies 🧟‍♂️
Viktoria Ivanova
Viktoria Ivanova 8 days ago
Viktoria Ivanova
Viktoria Ivanova 8 days ago
Viktoria Ivanova
Viktoria Ivanova 8 days ago
Cameryn Rivera
Cameryn Rivera 8 days ago
Hicham Bilal
Hicham Bilal 8 days ago
Fawad Shaikh
Fawad Shaikh 8 days ago
Me: terrified Also me: sniffling my nose Me: WHAT WAS THAT
Anita Rahayu
Anita Rahayu 8 days ago
7:50 did the closet door just move....
Rob Waite
Rob Waite 8 days ago
When i am with you I'm never scared and I thought there would be a jump scare 😋
Shiny Squad
Shiny Squad 8 days ago
I love dis video
Nikki Stevens
Nikki Stevens 8 days ago
Stephanie Angel Concepcion
me: watching also me: see the gurl a.k.a stacey when she turn the power on ( my soul left the world)
Ella Myginly
Ella Myginly 8 days ago
Uhhhh I am a little freaked about that ghost thing
Pyscho Gamer
Pyscho Gamer 9 days ago
I played that last week bruh
Nora Aung
Nora Aung 9 days ago
omgg your hair is so pretty 😩‼️
heidi spencer
heidi spencer 9 days ago
Is the game imagine on roblox
disco diva's
disco diva's 9 days ago
me when the door bell rings: frick no me 20 mins in: frickkk noo
Ashima Gogoi
Ashima Gogoi 9 days ago
YOU are playing IT and I can't even WATCH IT
Jamae Flint
Jamae Flint 9 days ago
yes the closet door
Paola radulovic
Paola radulovic 9 days ago
karina in stacyis room on the floor are like drawings and you have those shapes you need to pot shapes at drawigss
Leen Mohamed
Leen Mohamed 9 days ago
can you next time play Mary's chapter?
Soph Sloth
Soph Sloth 10 days ago
You should play Flicker
esmeralda martinez
esmeralda martinez 10 days ago
did anyone see the closet close in the parents room😳
Cavit Kangal
Cavit Kangal 10 days ago
She hade all the keys in her Inventory lol
Emmelia Fursova
Emmelia Fursova 10 days ago
Your hair looks good!!! Even though you cut it
Felipe Lopez
Felipe Lopez 10 days ago
Of Roblox
Felipe Lopez
Felipe Lopez 10 days ago
Hey karina what’s the password
David Reece
David Reece 10 days ago
These lot take ur money. I bought the sis vs bro t shirts they sent the wrong thing and they won’t respond to my messages via the website for a refund or exchange since last year. I will comment on every video till I get my money back.
Charleigh Dineen
Charleigh Dineen 10 days ago
When she said a mistress room she did not see the closet door shut lol
Shil Gol
Shil Gol 10 days ago
Me:crying of fear cos the door bell rung and she was gonna open the door and I tell my mom to come see When she can't open it:me:oops Mom:u waste my time i could be cooking!!!!!!
carlos cortes
carlos cortes 10 days ago
I want a part 2 of this but the same chapter
James Haslam
James Haslam 10 days ago
hortencia 10 days ago
Karina I don't know if you realised but when you went to the room with the cross on top of the bed the closet door slammed shut
Elizabeth Abel
Elizabeth Abel 10 days ago
Ylona the Gamer
Ylona the Gamer 10 days ago
Karina I watched your videos all the time. It was so cool!!!
D O 10 days ago
but im on my dad laptop +
D O 10 days ago
Harinder Kaur
Harinder Kaur 10 days ago
There are shapes in stacies room that go on the floor of her room
Lani Matthews
Lani Matthews 10 days ago
I was terified Before I even clicked on the video. Pls make one with worthy and whatever the other was
Jasmeh Sidhu
Jasmeh Sidhu 10 days ago
Jasmeh Sidhu
Jasmeh Sidhu 10 days ago
It’s so scary
Joy Fuentes
Joy Fuentes 10 days ago
I have played imagine single player it was scary
Abla Jubarah
Abla Jubarah 10 days ago
Then don't go to the basement
Prakash Purohit
Prakash Purohit 10 days ago
17:18 that scared me 😨😱😱😰
mkpicard 10 days ago
Oh I’ve played it before and I soon as I got in I leave because I was scared
mkpicard 10 days ago
You guys have moved a lot I’ve never moved I wish I could but my parents say they like the house I live in so I can’t move but I like your new house
Katie Gemstone
Katie Gemstone 10 days ago
"Me roofs" "that's cute...I guess:/"
Binu Binu
Binu Binu 2 days ago
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Zoe McConaghie
Zoe McConaghie 10 days ago
Karina you have the key like dude i love your channel but you dont know you have the key dudeeee
Mymy Brooks
Mymy Brooks 10 days ago
you are my fav. youtuber!!!!!!!:D
Horse fun
Horse fun 10 days ago
I was so scared the hole time
Kiri Fox
Kiri Fox 10 days ago
Hi I now is the day after you posted this vid but can you play shark bite in Roblox
kiarea miss k
kiarea miss k 10 days ago
Ⓘ︎Ⓜ︎ Ⓢ︎Ⓒ︎Ⓐ︎Ⓡ︎Ⓓ︎ Ⓦ︎Ⓐ︎Ⓐ︎Ⓐ︎Ⓐ︎
Laura Beth King
Laura Beth King 10 days ago
Karina chill Me I am terrified
Mymy Brooks
Mymy Brooks 10 days ago
im very scard but your brave like very brave!
Mymy Brooks
Mymy Brooks 10 days ago
you are very brave Karina
Gethin Hughes
Gethin Hughes 10 days ago
Gethin Hughes
Gethin Hughes 10 days ago
You are the best US-firstrs in the world
Gethin Hughes
Gethin Hughes 10 days ago
This is creepy
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