Will I Get Evicted?! 

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I'm don't want to get evicted... will I have to move out?
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Feb 9, 2021




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Comments 100   
MaryAnn Long
MaryAnn Long 4 hours ago
I luv u gurl
Maryam Oyeniyi
Maryam Oyeniyi 6 hours ago
can you play tower of hell one day
Login Hazem
Login Hazem 20 hours ago
i love ur vids and i agree i love the crab its so adorable and cute ilove it so much and i love how u bring back old games but pls play blox burg again bec when u stoped playing blox burg i was so sad 😔 like the comment or comment if u want karina to play blox burg bec i love ur blox burg vids there so amazing
liya o
liya o 22 hours ago
u said to play the lol game l o l game u said that and u didnt play it
Mr Queen
Mr Queen Day ago
Rosalie may. May
What's this game called
Katlyn Kilat
Katlyn Kilat Day ago
I like your voice
saoirse lovscats
Can you please play brookhavin and adopt me
Gracie Bernard
So funny when gamer girl says no but she is wrong when she was out 😂😅🤣☺️🥲
Kamal Babul
Kamal Babul 2 days ago
U should be in the down place to water and second place any player like this it would easy
Fatima Tabassum
Fatima Tabassum 2 days ago
Is this game in roblox free
Layana Qrunfleh
Layana Qrunfleh 3 days ago
Can you make more videos on sis vs bro plz I love your channel 🤩💟
Nisha Mathew
Nisha Mathew 3 days ago
but i wont do such a ting i mean i will follow her when she is comftable (:
Nisha Mathew
Nisha Mathew 3 days ago
me to pechy girl
Thea Ann Marie Cabalo
Karina how old are you?
heli9820 heli9820
I feel lik you can make a Brookhaven b Vid
girls rule
girls rule 3 days ago
Good work ♥️
Theresa Vester
Theresa Vester 4 days ago
hi im 7 this is my moms account love your vids!!!!!!!!!
Jake Cheesman
Jake Cheesman 5 days ago
Hello Friend
Hello Friend 5 days ago
U are bold aren’t u ashamed
Evie Paterson
Evie Paterson 5 days ago
Only one time karina one time haha 😛 in real life I’m like saying it like BOLD and I meen BOLD
Alex Costlow
Alex Costlow 6 days ago
I love love u Karina
Darcey-mai Dowd
Darcey-mai Dowd 6 days ago
I like ur 8ser name cats I love animals aspeshly kittens
Isabella Relei
Isabella Relei 6 days ago
Why did you cut your hair 💇‍♀️
joosa maria
joosa maria 6 days ago
Hi Karina callor
Chloe Devlin
Chloe Devlin 7 days ago
What have you done to your hair
Anju Rose
Anju Rose 7 days ago
I made to the final but I didnt win the outfit
Akio Yap
Akio Yap 7 days ago
Alisia Ilovefood
Alisia Ilovefood 7 days ago
Karina who is your favourite US-firstr
Afifa 7 days ago
Me who saw drink water for the first time in her game channel: You drink water :O
Afifa 7 days ago
ItsUs_US-first AYEE
GD Vlogs
GD Vlogs 7 days ago
Why you nooo
Maythem Abbas
Maythem Abbas 7 days ago
why your hair is like a boy
Blake Amazing
Blake Amazing 7 days ago
Moon_Øreø 7 days ago
What is the name of the game I have been trying to play it 😔🖐️
Random awesomeness With juniper
Karina should be a singer
Kinley Snyder
Kinley Snyder 8 days ago
You really look like like a freaking 20th
Kinley Snyder
Kinley Snyder 8 days ago
Karina what happened to your hair I like you when you were better
Gia Khiêm Thái
Gia Khiêm Thái 8 days ago
what game in roblox is this
Kirstin Romero
Kirstin Romero 8 days ago
She said she had play and ik she did but she makes up things that she thinks is true and then she goes with it like tf
Alex Costlow
Alex Costlow 6 days ago
Jeniffer Weldon
Jeniffer Weldon 8 days ago
Blake Amazing
Blake Amazing 9 days ago
Please play total Drama Island
Miss Nepa
Miss Nepa 9 days ago
Remember when she named her self Karen before
ASHOK GOENKA 7 days ago
Aidan Salvucci
Aidan Salvucci 9 days ago
I like your US-first channel your soo cool on roblox
Nasir Rexhepi
Nasir Rexhepi 9 days ago
How is your name in roblox
Rafy Anaqin
Rafy Anaqin 9 days ago
I still don't like her hair I love her long or short hair I don't want to be mean
Kennedy Peel
Kennedy Peel 9 days ago
They watch your videos are gonna be so salty and then they go in real life I’ve got it out Karina oh my God
Joanna Allen
Joanna Allen 9 days ago
Omg I didn't know you li!ked sailor moon!
Brooklyn Poteet
Brooklyn Poteet 10 days ago
Nick Rouhana
Nick Rouhana 10 days ago
can u play this with ronald
Snowy the naughty owl
Karina on your other account can you change your skin because you said you would
shamaela aamer
shamaela aamer 10 days ago
That is such a nooby move to change ur account a REAL youtune wouldnt do that
Rida Ayesha
Rida Ayesha 10 days ago
Please play day care again
sasha mckenzie
sasha mckenzie 10 days ago
great vids
Elena Staykova
Elena Staykova 10 days ago
am i the only one who saw that she is playing kon a alt
Loretta Blackwood
Loretta Blackwood 10 days ago
Why did you cut you hair??.??
Bluexmooon 10 days ago
Just me finding some player in the comment section who played with her
Nusrat Kudchi
Nusrat Kudchi 10 days ago
The fact that she made a new acc to just play eviction notice is really awesome
Geetika Jain
Geetika Jain 10 days ago
1:24 her singing is good ngl
Kim Linton
Kim Linton 10 days ago
Way is Uther Lac lat
Andrew Anderson
Andrew Anderson 10 days ago
Ay who misses alien girl hope it not only me Ooooh thanks for the likes Me: Only says that too get likes 🙂
Donika Morina
Donika Morina 10 days ago
I have more money than u i have 1,0040k money ipllayed it a lot
Sabina 10 days ago
I want your hair back as normal
Struggle Queen
Struggle Queen 8 days ago
Its not ur choice. Nobody cares gacha kid.
Samantha Yurco
Samantha Yurco 10 days ago
Deena Alzamil
Deena Alzamil 10 days ago
I am I the only one who noticed that she made a new acc or not???? Comment or like this vid if u noticed to
Susan Brandley
Susan Brandley 10 days ago
Abdessalam Ghoza
Abdessalam Ghoza 11 days ago
I like you eyes
Ninja Playz
Ninja Playz 11 days ago
My you cut your hair
8D.23.Noheen 11 days ago
Please play more roblox I am also Playing roblox best roblox 😁
Nicola Nevins
Nicola Nevins 11 days ago
What is the game called
Claricel Guerrero
Claricel Guerrero 11 days ago
Happy valentine day
GAMER GIRL 11 days ago
I play roblox too
shanice caines
shanice caines 11 days ago
How agree with me
shanice caines
shanice caines 11 days ago
Why did you shave your hair it was bauituful just the way it was
shanice caines
shanice caines 11 days ago
Make more vodeo in the world keep it up gamer girl good good i really want to see you in person
shanice caines
shanice caines 11 days ago
Karina is my favourite youtuber in the world i want to see her in person because she is the coolest girl i ever meet
Talia Mansy
Talia Mansy 11 days ago
karina can you tell me the name from the game bc i want to play this game but i never played it so can you tell me the games name please anwser but i know you will not anwser but its a try if you will anwser
Jessica the superhero
At the beginning of the video her singing was kinda good ngl she should practice more
Ntsuag Cawmseej
Ntsuag Cawmseej 12 days ago
Karina I do not like your style anymore sorry😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Samhitha Vinay
Samhitha Vinay 12 days ago
I was having a vanity cleaning session, and this made it even more fun !!!
Alex Costlow
Alex Costlow 6 days ago
Jhonas Beronilla
Jhonas Beronilla 12 days ago
I love your hair🤩☺😍
Kirsty Farnell
Kirsty Farnell 12 days ago
flyingheelhook09 12 days ago
I love your US-first channels
Adriana Gonzalez
Adriana Gonzalez 12 days ago
Why you not have Roblox poor
Adriana Gonzalez
Adriana Gonzalez 12 days ago
She is poor hahaha
LuckyLuc 12 days ago
Wait you play mako mermaids????? Bc wait what happent to your acc karinaOMG im so comfused
Ayesha Hakim
Ayesha Hakim 12 days ago
She kind of sounded like she was singing when she said “I am not gonna do good on this”
Emma Davies
Emma Davies 11 days ago
Aesthetic.girlie 12 days ago
Cause she was
Alexis Syfrett
Alexis Syfrett 12 days ago
What game is this
WesleyAPEX 12 days ago
How the hell did you become a Sailor Moon fan? That’s way before your time. Even before mine. I remember seeing it when I was about 4 years old.
I'm an adorable orange
She needs to see this!
Ganamoney Eccles
Ganamoney Eccles 12 days ago
Can u play Froggy
Sunflowerava 13 days ago
If you like this game play sacrifice sanctuary
Malgorzata Kunicka
Malgorzata Kunicka 13 days ago
My brother loves Karina 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳 and he's only 6
Rohani Razak
Rohani Razak 13 days ago
why you make like boy ummmm
manjula ravaria
manjula ravaria 13 days ago
Who vote Karina omg in Nickelodeon kids choice awards who did not voted till yet vote it her
ksenakitty dreams owo
What hapened to your hair
Jessica Assaf
Jessica Assaf 13 days ago
Karina you should name yourself cat bread or bread cat
shwetha sanvi
shwetha sanvi 13 days ago
Omg hi karina
InotMuun •
InotMuun • 13 days ago
146,397th viewer!
Uni- Singing and Gaming
Karina when she finds out she won an event: OMGGGGG WHATTTT *throws hands in the air*
Nica and Von Vlog
Nica and Von Vlog 13 days ago
Notice me in your next video please we love you ❤
The British Dino
The British Dino 13 days ago